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    Saints/Raiders - Marquez Callaway

    Saw it that way too. Calloway had a couple of steps on the defender.
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    Bold Predictions: South Carolina

    Our Oline dominates as we play ball control type of game and wear SC down. By 4th qtr. our 3rd string running back will be getting huge chunks of yardage.
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    Jeremy Pruitt Press Conference, S. Carolina Week, 12pm

    You can see how that can be a disadvantage for any team. For instance player A has better athletic ability than player B but has missed a lot of practice due to covid. Player B in such a case would be less prone to injury. Gonna be some tough coaching decisions to be made especially in the early...
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    Pruitt quote from Finebaum

    Watching Muschump doing a couple of press conferences a week ago when we had 44 players out wasn't a good sign, imo. He was upbeat and praising his players. Gave me the feeling they were getting more players to scrimmages, etc......not gonna be a cakewalk for sure.
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    Can JT Shrout take the # 2 QB Spot?

    If any QB at UT could be developed it would be JT and then HB because of the camp JT attended and got some great reviews. I know one of the coaches at that camp was shawn mcvay who is now HC of the rams and several more NFL QB coaches. Chaney has a pretty good track record of players making it...
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    Pig Howard Tweets about Former Coach

    If Pruitt goes on to be a very successful coach at UT why would he leave something he worked hard to build? A lot of people talk about Dabo returning to Bama. I don't see it. Now on the other hand if Pruitt is not too successful in let's say next 3-4 years Bama may be able to lure him back if...
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    Pig Howard Tweets about Former Coach

    I don't think another P5 will hire him as a HC and I think he knows it. He's not even made the ranks of a positional coach at Bama. That's the reason he's not making much of an effort to offset his buyout by much. UT shouldn't be on the hook for much longer over him.
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    What would it take to change your mind about JG?

    It really should be the easiest pass of all to make. Just put the ball slightly in front of the back so he doesn't break stride. If it's not on the ground or behind the receiver JG often throws it like he's trying to knock a bull out. I don't get it. For about a year I gave him the benefit of...
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    Notes from Wednesday's scrimmage

    YEP can easily envision all the accusations and finger-pointing that's likely to occur because it doesn't appear the SEC has established any sort of uniform policy applicable to all teams. Instead it's more like each team is policing themselves. We all know none of these other coaches...
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    Coach Pruitt on "Scrimmage"

    I liked "aight" because it's his natural self. It stands to reason he's likely to have consulted with a public relations coach to attempt to improve his country hick style which I kinda liked in the 1st place.
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    Can someone tell me what happened to the open North Endzone of Shields-Watkins Field?

    Speaking of "south" I always enjoyed watching the game from there. It was mentioned to me that UT head coaches would always try to get in position to drive toward the south endzone in the 4th qtr. I don't know if there's any truth to that and if so I was never told the reason. If our opponent...
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    So to confirm no Cade Mays?

    Rare to see a player other than grad transfers go from one SEC team to another without sitting out a complete year. It has happened but a good reason was cited. We can only hope that Cade has reason enough. I doubt they let Gatewood play for UK this year.
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    So to confirm no Cade Mays?

    Checks involve a 3rd party having knowledge of the payment. Gotta use cash.
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    Do you truly think every SEC school will follow the same protocol?

    I read the article. Funny how Muschamp indicated that a team may be able to play with 55 players available and that's the exact number the Big 12 decided on to play a game. If a team has under 55 players then that team make ask for a postponement and the game may be rescheduled. I took that to...
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    13 Gamecocks accused of lynching

    ex-walk-on DB who was suspended was caught by this gang doing something illegal. won't be a big deal, but..........WGWTFA!!!!!

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