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    Thank you BaseVols

    New meaning to what Knocksville is all about
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    A thank you

    Great season, an amazing collection of talent on the baseball field in orange, but on field mistakes with two outs cost Tennessee dearly in the super regional and another run at the college world series, it is what it is, rather long off season coming
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    Drew Out For Today's Game....

    I seriously doubt the umpire was from a Power Five Conference, probably some smaller conference hack that was in way over his head, not only on calling balls and strikes, but was not comfortable in this type of atmosphere and wasn't capable of managing his own emotions in an ultracompetitive...
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    I love Gilbert and Beck but…

    Draft position and the first contract are all based on skill, ability and potential upside on the talent set, the second contract is then expanded to include personal demeanor, genuineness, marketability, fan connectivity in additional to being an all around good guy, Peyton, Eli, Freddie...
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    Can someone talk me off the ledge for Super Regionals. Been nervous since Tuesday.

    There were some indications in the SEC tournament that we were getting into some bad innings with high pitch counts, but we kept it compressed into one inning and battled through, but when the curve balls started hanging this month, we are seeing some difficult innings strung togather, and...
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs GA Tech Regional Game Thread Sunday June 5th (7PM EST ESPNU)

    Tennessee has done more to keep Tech in the game than Tech has done, complete breakdown at the 6 spot on defense, don't get it
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    Evan Russell not available tonight (Friday) now AVAILABLE

    ESPN would do much better simply covering sporting events rather than trying to become the event, it's a similar problem with parts of the local sports media, they want to be the news rather than simply and objectively reporting the sports news, which happens to include Tennessee athletics...
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    THAT ump

    Bottom line is the SEC should rise above these tools in our umpire and referee ranks, with the riches our conference is blessed to have, there is no room for marginal or compromised goobers officiating in the most successful, competitive and entertaining college athletic conference in America...
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    Thank You To Former Athletic Director John Currie

    Nike delivered Rick Barnes to Tennessee on a silver platter, after Texas hit the eject button, with new money going into the Nike apparel agreement the July after Barnes hit the payroll earlier that year. Hart had nothing to do with the Barnes hire other than asking where he needed to sign the...
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    Thank You To Former Athletic Director John Currie

    Currie's biggest mistake was not having a plan B behind Schiano, thinking that the Haslam touch would prove golden on that firestorm, particularly in light of the constant shakeup and lack of success with the Browns. The Fulmeristas and Fulmer himself poisoned the well on the remnants of the...
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    Done with the sports source and his sponsors

    In my opinion the local sports media trying to hustle a dollar on the backs of all things orange are an interesting lot, none of whom, in my opinion are any more knowledgeable or inside the athletic department than the guys in the breakroom at work.I personally boycott all of their advertisers...
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    Memphis charged with multiple level 1 violations

    Penny is Memphis' problem now and it is a big one, as conferences are looking to add programs, viewers and revenue, nobody would want to bring the Bluff City One Cent Sideshow on board for any reason. Four Level Is and Two level IIs, no easy way out of that jam.
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    I support Rick Barnes

    Pearl's squad sh7t themselves today, will be interesting to see if he can reload after crashing out of the number one team ranking and getting blown out in the second round of the NCAA tourney with a one and done in the SEC tournament
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    Next year / this year

    Chandler was most effective penetrating the lane, drawing extra defenders and then making a pass for an easy two from the guy whose defenders came to help, with no realistic changes down low and with Fulky completely out of eligibility, there isn't a solid reason to come back to Tennessee...
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    Thoughts on Season

    This was an entertaining season, surprising with an SEC tourney championship, but predictable problems in the NCAA tournament closed out the season on a bitter note. Barnes continues to struggle with development and mastery of an inside game and inside post players, as shots taken closer to the...

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