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    Georgia Anniversary Patches

    I see a lot of trash talk on here and other sites and sometimes its just too much to bear. That's why I think I'm going to do something nice for some of our rivals this year. In that spirit, I've taken it upon myself to design a patch for UGA's football team to wear on their jerseys. The SEC...
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    Kickoff Chant/Cheer

    So we do it after the game like Bama does with "Rammer Jammer"
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    Kickoff Chant/Cheer

    Would be kinda fun to get the whole stadium singing this... just insert appropriate state name for opponent:
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    Cade Mays transfer appeal!

    Here's a good read on the topic and highlighting that the litigation more than likely began a long time ago but that negotiations probably failed and they filed when they did to not pass the statute of limitations...
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    Cade Mays transfer appeal!

    I agree that the timing on the lawsuit could appear suspicious, but there are also perfectly legitimate reasons why someone doesn't sue for personal injury immediately. Sometimes people don't realize the extent of the injury until much further down the road. As some have joked, it's just a...
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    So...$3M a year aint enough??!!

    Those shirts are heinous...
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    Gator bowl seats

    Yeah, I was there for the Iowa match-up a few years ago and basically the entire stadium was orange.
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    Bring one player back from any era for this team ...

    I feel like the weakest spot on the D is the middle of the line, so, give me Big John Henderson on D. On offense, WRs/TEs are playing well, O-line is coming together. RBs are servicable but we don't have a big bruising back that can bust through the middle with a decent (not great) O-line...
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    Who do you want in a bowl?

    Florida State
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    TX OG Kyree Miller commits - Build the wall!

    Unfortunately rankings really only matter for kids that are actually able to go to camps. There are a lot of great players out there that don't get noticed because they aren't going to summer camps all over the place because either they can't afford to or have other responsibilities during the...
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    Noles writer takes shot at Vols

    Praying we face them in a bowl game...
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    OT: can anyone identify what game this print is from?

    Well I think this is the artist so someone can ask him: Ken Smith, M.F.A. - Radford University
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    OT: can anyone identify what game this print is from?

    I agree on the Tennessee folks, but not only is the color wrong for Bama helmets that year., there was no number 14 on their team that year. So either it is someone else or the artist just took a lot of creative license. Looks like they put a 6-letter last name ending in "ER" on the back of...
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    OT: can anyone identify what game this print is from?

    After a little digging, best guess is the Vols shown are Carl Zander (45), Dale Jones (54), Alvin Toles (44), and Tommy Sims (16). If that's the case, the only seasons where they were all on the roster were 83 and 84. Best I can tell looks like there was no number 16 in 1982 and no 45 or 44 in...
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    OT: can anyone identify what game this print is from?

    Except Sterling Hinton wore 16 for Tennessee that year so I doubt he was in on the tackle... Edit: replying to Virginia guess for 1990 bowl game. Also Virginia's helmets were blank on the sides.

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