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    Takeo Spikes Just Said

    Yea I started a thread on our defense… asking how our DBs were going to improve when they were not good last year overall and we lost our top 2 DBs? Not saying we hv Deion Sanders type talent back there, but some of these issues must be related to scheme… When we blitzed the DBs only had to...
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    The Official #15 Tennessee vs. Akron Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN+/SEC Network+

    Who got that block in the back on punt return?
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    DB depth chart - a guesstimate

    Here is my 3 deep chart.. if all are healthy this is how I see it…. If some guys are banged up then they will drop down of course.. CB - Burrell, Charles, Harrison CB - Turnage, Dee Williams, Rucker NB - Hadden, Walker, McDonald S - Flowers, Turrentine, Jourdan Thomas S - McCullough...
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    Places to stay?

    Try the Ole Cooter Inn… it’s my fav in Kville these days! Last time I stayed there, I saw a big hole 🕳 in the lobby.. and it looked old too… but yea it’s a freakin winner!!
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    New SEC season theme song

    Actually I got a great idea!!Hv tgey ever used his song South on ya?? Thad be perfect… awesome song, upbeat, talks about most of tge southern states, TN, FL, GA, LA, MS, etc… He could prob change a few lines or add some lines and it’d be unreal for tge SEC..
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    Defensive Holes

    Yea I think of these transfers and freshman make an impact then a lot of our holes may get plugged up Somewhat…nickel from Ga Tech, JC corner, frosh corner… safety/ nickel from Ohio State. Other froshes coming in… even if we are just a little better than last year or the same with a better dline...
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    Defensive Holes

    Hopefully like some posters on here mentioned that our freshman recruits can help us out right away… we hv 2 LB, 2 corners, and a safety to provide some help…. Would be awesome to pick up 3 more transfers - a rush DE, stud LB, stud corner, lol 😂 But I guess that’s just dreaming at this point...
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    Defensive Holes

    Call me crazy, and I’m sure it’s been discussed all spring… but I really think we need to pick up 2 more LB and 2 more corners for this season from the portal. I know you can only get what you can get right? But how can we compete in our backend when we lost our best 2 DBs, and barely Hv any...
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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    All Pruitt had to do was get a great OC like Coach Heupel or similar bc he already had build a championship type defense… blue font
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    CATCH - 98 - Sounds Interesting!!

    I thought it was a new nightclub in Kville
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    Kellie Harper discussion/debate thread [merged]

    10 rebounds for a 6’6” girl ain’t that great.. she should get 20!! And come on! 3 points? With 5 offensive boards? That’s awful…. She had very little to no impact on offense, and sucked on defense too. That tall white girl destroyed her! She made her look lost and broken.. She needs serious...
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    Kellie Harper discussion/debate thread [merged]

    Yea I agree… turnovers killed us… Also invisible defense at times was insane.. no intensity or pride in defense… Key gets boards but cannot even get up a shot and draw a foul and make any free throws… it was pointless.. she’s not tough right now at all… That big white girl made our girls look...
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    Kellie Harper discussion/debate thread [merged]

    Right… that’s on the coaches… defense is mostly effort…our girls are standing straight up, not bending down low like Pat had them do… They played “Holly” defense… legs straight and let offense run right around them. Why not switch to a zone? To a freak defense? Our D sucked the big one tonight..
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    Kellie Harper discussion/debate thread [merged]

    Just bc you don’t agree doesn’t make the comments dumb…. We sucked in the last 10 minutes or whenever we were down by 2 until the end of the game. Our offense is pretty good. Our rebounding was kinda weak. Key is 6’6” and either was getting pushed around or couldn’t even get an O rebound and...
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    Kellie Harper discussion/debate thread [merged]

    And yea there are going to be excuses just like this year trust me… defense and rebounding win championships… so apparently our rebounding was good, but our defense was so bad my 9 yo son said our defense sucked.

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