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    Mickey Deastone

    I love Mickey as the Lady Vols broadcaster. Love his old school style and sometimes he cracks me up telling it like it is. I also love that, as many of you pointed out, he sticks to calling the game and does not stray off into telling us what he had for dinner, etc. I may be biased, as my son...
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    Congratulations Candace Parker!

    Yep. Old, old news for anyone who’s followed her on social media.
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    Sara Puckett's interview after VT game. Wow!

    As someone else said - love Sara’s game and vibe. What a great teammate! Here’s what her development coach had to say about her on another forum: “Sara Puckett has been trained by me since 2nd grade til present. I played basketball at Clemson and 14 years professionally in Europe. You all...
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    True! I bet they swept him out of there so fast it would make our heads spin! 💨
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    Best Angle and Slow mo of 4th and 24

    Glad Smokey wasn’t hurt by the flying debris. (At least I hope he wasn’t - haven’t heard either way.) 😔
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    Butch Jones Follies

    YES! The man was an absolute attention whore. I still cannot believe his picture was on the back of the Jumbotron. One other thing he did (besides all the others mentioned in this thread) that is embedded in my memory was that game where he could visibly be seen on camera mouthing, “F*** em...
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    *****FORUM DARK MODE beta version

    Thank you for this, @Freak! I love Dark Mode on everything I can have it on. Great job!
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    Nicky Anosike needs help

    Thanks for sharing this - had not seen it. Donated and praying for Nicky and her baby boys. 🙏🏻🙏🏻💙💙
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    You just can make this stuff up . . .

    Rush Propst is repulsive.
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    The Iceman appreciation thread

    It’s not blasphemy. Your favorite is who it is and it doesn’t have to be the majority’s favorite! (I’m not one to go along with the crowd.)
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    My gosh. What a tribute

    Beautifully and perfectly said. There is no other human on earth like Tamika. 🧡
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    Feel bad for Albert Haynesworth like him or not

    It is not praying for someone else to suffer a tragic end - that is preordained and is going to happen. It is praying that when it does happen, that family will make the choice to give the gift of life.
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    Transfer Portal 21-22

    Could be, but this staff is definitely not as accessible as Holly and her staff were.
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    Transfer Portal 21-22

    They are very secretive. I think people who previously were “in” are now “out,” and I like it. People outside the program have no business knowing what goes on inside.

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