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    Jeff Fisher Has Been Contacted By Tennessee

    I think Fisher would bring a lot of name to UT. But I'm not going to try and guess who gets hired.
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    Post your coaching pick

    Since he knows a lot more than me, I'm going with whoever our AD picks.
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    White seems willing to take risks

    Orgeron took ole miss to the playoffs?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    is kind of funny
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Not often but sometimes you do make me laugh, stay safe, I survived covid at 67 with a long history of heart disease. Hope you and yours avoid it, its rough.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Had no clue it was 50, thought the # was under 20, which is still a boatload, thanks for the info.
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    Bob Kesling interviews Danny White

    I remember Bob calling Basketball for Jefferson Pilot, my mother hoped he would be John Wards replacement,she left this earth 15 years ago, I will always honor her wish. Reckon Bob owned Jefferson Pilot or maybe talent ? I walked by Bob at a football game years ago, he was a very nice gentleman...
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    Bob Kesling interviews Danny White

    Your opinion is noted, no more value than mine.
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    Bob Kesling interviews Danny White

    I like Bob Kesling, he's better than most.
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    Danny White Targeting Tony Elliot, Sonny Dykes, & Lance Leipold. - Jimmy Hyams

    Elliot could be a home run, only my opinion. I am going to trust our new AD more than my opinions.
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    AD White having a team meeting.

    Team unity is a required to be successful at football or house building, sounds like our new AD knows that and will make sure whoever he selects as Head coach knows it too. Beldar came in and like dooley began complaining about the crap players on the team, not a good way to get players or house...
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    What stage of grief are you in?

    Felt grief when Mom and Dad died, this is just a game. Penn state seemed to do ok after their scandal, I expect Tennessee will be fine in time.
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    Here comes the exodus...

    far better? based on what
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    Player Punishment

    Have you seen proof Mc Ds bags full of cash were handed out?
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    Here comes the exodus...

    Neither of which is as good as what is lost.

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