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    Scott Cochran to UGA as on-the-field Coach per Bruce Feldman (merged)

    We can only hope that this is the start of the decline of bummer.
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    Scott Cochran to UGA as on-the-field Coach per Bruce Feldman (merged)

    Another example of how saban is a control freak.
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    Scott Cochran to UGA as on-the-field Coach per Bruce Feldman (merged)

    Got to be a back story to this. The chinks in bummer armour is getting chinked ever so slowly.
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    Taulia Tagovailoa possibly transferring? (RUMOR)

    This new transfer rulr proposal will just help baby tua if passed by NCAA. Mommy and daddy were paid well to house sit for a big time bummer booster in Alabaster while big TUA was at bummer guess that money train has now dried up and baby tua know getting cruited over. Ole Saban what a caring...
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    '19 AL QB Taulia Tagovailoa

    You think Taulia transfers to area where tua gets drafted. Example- Dolphins pick Tua and little bro transers to Miami as an example?
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    "the Vols are back!"

    Really need to get a win vs. one of the big three next year to keep this program projecting upward. Also no slip ups like last year. We lost out on some big time recruits that we had on the line until the Georgia State and BYU losses. Keep grinding vols.
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    '20 AL ATH Damarcus "Dee" Beckwith (Tennessee signee)

    That is amazing. Florida offering his brother right before his visit? **** the gators.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Hardy is a lying sack of s**t. Makes multiple visits to UT and tells other cruits and coaches he is coming and committs to Auburn. He lies about not signing in December. All you need to know about this guy. See ya bud.
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    1st off-season blemish/UT missed J. Hardy already signed?

    We don't need players like this "bought and paid for" by Aubie. We can find better players than this guy.
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    This team knows how to win

    That is a start in changing the mindset and culture at Tennessee to get our program back to being competitive with the top mix. The teams we beat during this win streak are not real good teams but winning helps a coach, staff, and players to develop a winning program. This past decade has been...
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    Alontae Taylor got roasted for the BYU play...

    The other dumb play of this season would have been the center moving the ball there at the end last night - getting the penalty and stopping the running of the clock. We lost twenty to twenty five seconds with that dumb ass move aka "taylor vs byu" but we won vs Indiana.
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    Vol fans going to Music City Bowl?

    I went and enjoyed Nashville and ate at the Corner Pub Downtown with my wife and was great food. Miss State didn't play all that well and got to see Louisville play for the first time. Not a bad time but strange to go to a game and your team is not playing.
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    Vol fans going to Music City Bowl?

    Sorry Brett was told wrong. Thirty minutes later and vols going to Jacksonville.
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    Chances on adding tosh lupoi?

    Yea nick go back to Cleveland as the head guy.
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    Vol fans going to Music City Bowl?

    I bought two tickets also and can't get rid of them. I being a vol fan and my wife a bummer fan it will be strange going to a game with teams playing that we do not support but will hang out on broadway prior to the game and have a good time. Also I have never seen Louisville play in person so...

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