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    Coach Rackham Watt just delivered a pretty good haul of new blood.

    We have been short on overall talent and had little effective depth for the last couple of years. I'm certainly not knocking the young ladies that played and have now moved on. CRW walked into a very talented team that went far but graduation took away a lot of talent all at once. Subsequent...
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    Coach Rackham Watt just delivered a pretty good haul of new blood.

    I think one of our major needs, size, has been at least partially addressed. You can check out the new team members here: Rackham Watt Announces 2021 Signing Class - University of Tennessee Athletics
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    The Lady Vols will be ranked.

    I believe that last night was the best overall performance I have seen out of this group of young women. As previous posters have said we played team basketball and followed a very good game plan. Turnovers we under 12 which is very good and rebounding was terrific. We had a good blend of...
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    RIP Ron Widby

    Ronnie was a classmate of mine. It saddens me to hear of his passing. He was a great athlete and could play about any sport you could name. Probably he was at his best as a golfer but he could kick the crap out of the football. Good guy gone too soon.
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    College Hoops Around The Country [TN opponents, RPI, others]

    I'm glad to hear that but I am suspicious that the OP is being very optimistic. Acute myocarditis is a serious condition and does have long term effects in most cases. I hope the best for the kid but...
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    SEC announces Spring 2021 volleyball schedule

    Great find! I'm a happy camper with two great to good basketball teams, plus volleyball and ultimately soccer to watch...damn near a perfect world. ;)
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    The Official #8 Tennessee vs. Saint Joseph's Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    KenPom is no longer projecting any losses in the remaining games. Still projects us at 19-6 overall but each individual game is listed as a win, which seems odd to me. I freely admit to being a poor student of statistics.
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    Are we Ranking today yes or No?

    FWIW in the just-released NCAA top 25 poll, we are not ranked but we did get 12 votes, which arguably puts us around 31st or so.
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    ESPN Article... Here’s what they are saying

    I agree with you (much to my surprise) that 33% from three is not good enough. Add 3 or 4 points to bring it up to 36-37% and you are a respectable 3 point scoring team. I think we'll get there in the near future.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at (#15) Indiana

    Game over 66-58!!! THIS is a BIG win!!!!
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at (#15) Indiana

    Somehow I don't see it as a loss...
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at (#15) Indiana

    Boy, it's a shame our coach is too dumb to draw up a good inbounds play....NOT!!!
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at (#15) Indiana

    In the 4th qtr so far we have nobody in positive numbers in plus/minus.
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    Game Thread Lady Vols at (#15) Indiana

    Hard to blame the coach when the players screw up every way you could imagine.

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