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    Miss State QB Will Rogers rumored to the portal.

    Rogers is 2 years younger than Hendon Hooker and 1 year younger than Joe Milton.
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    Lowly Florida

    As a season ticket holder I didn't have to research. I think the last coach to go to 3 straight bowl games was Butch Jones???
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    Rucker: Nico is being redshirted

    While this is true we played 9 unranked teams this year. Compare that to previous years.
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    Rucker: Nico is being redshirted

    Nico has a very substantial bank account that will keep him here.
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    Lowly Florida

    We may only play 3 top twenty teams next year (Ga, Al, Okla). Compare that to S Car who is playing (Clem, Al, Okla, LSU, Ole Miss, Mizz, and Tx A&M). They will be lucky to get 6 wins!
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    Injuries, Lack of Depth, the '21 Recruiting Class, and Reasons for Optimism

    Only speaking for myself but the 8-4 is irrelevant. I want to compete for SEC Championships and once we do that bigger things lie ahead. We finished 4-4 in the SEC (marking Vandy as a win). As for recruiting, with the transfer portal and NIL money you can make up ground immediately without the...
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    I think next yrs schedule is about the easiest we could get. I would take Okla ov TX. I would take Ark and Miss St (worst two teams in SEC West) over any combo of Aub, Ole Miss, LSU. And I definitely think getting Bama and Fl at home is much easier than going to The Swamp and Tuscaloosa. To each...
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    I think the TN State Champs quote was in regard to beating all 4 major TN universities this year?
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    Vols Beat Dawgs in 2023, Book It

    He's a couple of months older than Hooker?
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    What if Heupel is gone

    There could be some validity in your cousin's view. I have a cousin whose neighbor's wife has a twice removed 3rd cousin who watched the game and believes that the Gamecocks showed up better prepared, more motivated, and just handed us an azz whoopin! In simple terms, he said we were outcoached...
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    Jaylen McCollough arrested

    Are you so blind that you think that the UT police dept wouldn't notify him??? They were also there but KPD has final jurisdiction when it comes to charges. Isn't JM's girlfriend (who talked to the police) also a UT athlete? What about the other athletes who lived on the block? Everyone there...
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    Jaylen McCollough arrested

    I was a scholarship player there many years ago. Lived at Gibbs Hall. Wasnt good enough to contribute so lasted two years. What I do know with certainty is how athletes in trouble are relayed to the coaches. This in all sports. Any incident on campus is looked at by the UT police dept. But KPD...
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    Jaylen McCollough arrested

    I don't know what happened and there is always two sides to every story. The thing that puzzles me is Coach Heupel saying he wasn't made aware of this incident until late Sunday night. I will never believe that. I would think he was one of first people notified. The report says Jaylen had no...
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    To the NegaVols/Trolls

    If Pitt was a legit Top 20 team, they wouldn't have been a 6.5 point underdog at home. They gave their all and I'm happy to get out of there with the victory. Losing Slovis crippled them.

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