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    5 punts in 1st half

    Punts don't necessarily lose the game. The muffed punt and the scoop and score being erased are much bigger than the punts.
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    What's the over/under on the fine?

    I am a UTK grad. I have read all of those things and I saw the game. Those fans are not me or you. Why are you letting other people define you?
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    POLL: Does last night happen.....

    People have been liquored up before and during the game for decades.. Long before beer sells in the stadium.
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    Poll: Fan Behavior

    Well said
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    What's the over/under on the fine?

    Why are you humiliated? Why do you think these people represent you? I don't view you that way. I should not be viewed that way. If some idiots do things that I do not condone and they do that in the name of USA or have USA gear on, does that mean all Americans are that way? No it...
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    My truths....

    Best write up I have seen. 100% what I am thinking and feeling today.
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    It's a sign!

    You don't need a parachute to skydive. You need a parachute to skydive again!
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    How long has it been?

    She must be a Georgia fan!
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    How long has it been?

    She must be a Georgia fan!
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    Ole miss football trolls Checker-Neyland-Game

    I'd prefer us not to talk and just knock the snot out of them.
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    I’m not sure Tennessee has ever had a schedule with so many ranked opponents?

    It should be noted as we improve we will push other teams down. The schedule will be "easier".
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    Looks like Checker Neyland is happening [it's official]

    They should carry the old letters onto the field and show them off!
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    Josh Heupel Monday press conference: Ole Miss week

    Look he is promoting the ownership culture including the coaches. Great move. He is ok with Checker Neyland! Great move again. He just keeps pulling out Aces!!!
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    Our coaches can coach

    Well played
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    The Official Tennessee vs. South Carolina Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    I hope every recruit out there is starting to think about Tennessee now

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