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    Heupel interview with ESPN

    Our guys play like crazy for him. Tooth and Nail. We haven't had that since the last SEC Championship Game loss.
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    Dee Beckwith to Kentucky

    It can work for him because UK has bigger holes to fill on offense. Wide open space in the roster for him to plug into. No one disputes his potential. Good move for him. I hope he can't hold onto the ball against us. I hope he is All-SEC against everyone else.
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    ESPN Dubs Tennessee Commit ‘NILionare Nico’

    Nillionaire might ring with recruits. Just sayin. ESPN can blow it. Maybe Nico dubs himself better.
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    We had Peyton and some of our best teams ever and still beat ourselves. Nothing else to say. No different than so many UF games since. Our team talent rarely shows up for the UF game. No explaining it except look at the record and the bad memories. One real thing is Their coaching staffs...
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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    I think Butch would be a bang up recruiting director.
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    Defensive Holes

    Young Haynesworth, I hope:p I remember when Big John Henderson stalked the sideline. From the stands, he looked 8 feet tall and 50 years old. He was rugged and I can't imagine how intimidating that face was lined up against you, face to face.
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    Big commit! Boom!

    Good to have the right man for the job. I am good with recruiting these young men if the coaches feel they have the correct young men. The NFL is full of this "mediocre" talent. UT has done a terrible job of developing these players up to elite levels in the last 20 years. That is on our...
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    How would beating the crap outta Florida in Neyland make you feel?

    It would be like getting an extra paycheck.
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    How would a loss to Florida make u feel?

    It will hurt the same as always. Bad. My in-laws are UF Gator fans. They are an 8th generation Middle Tennessee family and they are all Gator fans. They all suck even without being Gator fans, so add this annual BS... It hurt before I ever met them and it is extra excruciating since I fell in...
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    Gas Prices and Attendance!!

    I'll skip games this year. Too rich for me.
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    Quote from Sarkisian, and Heupel

    I would have to listen to Kesling, and that is something I find annoying. It would be such a headacheto hear ESPN talking Manning blah, blah, blah,.. nonstop, it would be intolerable. They would barely call plays for all the commentary and gibberish.
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    Neyland new capacity 101,915 after renovations

    Just win, baby.
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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    I think Osovet is a quality coach. I think his only reason for being down is his association with that staff. He is respected and will be coaching at a higher level again.
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    Pruitt comments on Coach Heupel

    I just wonder if his wife wrote this for him. Or agent maybe? That was the most coherently put together series of sentences and paragraphs I have ever seen attributed to the man. Classy even.
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    Poll: Would you rather have Auburn, Florida, USCjr or UK as a permanent rival?

    I want UK. It is our real rival. It is convenient because they are an easier draw than most, but it is our bigger rival than the others.

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