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    NCAA aims for less contact in preseason football practice.

    I need to look him up. Thinking back to my own high school football days, I can think of many times my bell was rung playing offensive line and defensive line too. I was concussed. I know that now, but we kept going in the 80s, and the same with everyone before. I expect to pay a price for...
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    NCAA aims for less contact in preseason football practice.

    I think this is why we have more head, tendon and joint injuries. They are pushed beyond their limits with the speed+size+strength combination of some players. I wish someone could just engineer more effective protection from players. Not sure how much space age stuff is on the horizon for...
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    Vols get commit from DL transfer

    I will tell my son this immediately.:)
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    Vols get commit from DL transfer

    Hostile! We need some charging rhinos knocking people and intimidating minds again. Finesse is not good enough on the line by itself. Derek Barnett had finesse and hostility in spades.
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    College Football Super League

    It is ironic that everyone's criticism of UGA not being a finisher is an uncanny reflection of our 90's glory days that we try to brag about.
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    Maurer emerging as QB1?

    His arm strength probably is impressive for Pullman, WA. Point taken, but you don't become gay because your girlfriend dumps you. You just see the signs it isn't working sooner and wise up. Anyone getting the UT job will have been successful somewhere prior and earned a promotion and the big...
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    LB Beasley Under Investigation

    This is a new low.
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    DE depth - razor thin

    ILB and CB is my worry. I think it will be less frustrating when we put points on the board. The Pruitt years were so barren of offensive punch.
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    I keep seeing this mentioned about the offense

    UF was the only team we played with equal or even near peer strength and depth. Another gameplan was needed. It worked in 98 and 01. Outcoached the other seasons of the Spurrier era after the Schuler game.
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    This fires me up

    Stamina should be up this season. Big plus. Technique, Strength, and gameplan/knowledge have to be up too. It really seemed like our boys were weaker and often out of place on the field last season on defense.
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    Alex Golesh described as 'very sharp, intelligent'

    That man was a great coach and straight shooter. High praise.
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    Prayers needed

    Love everyone you have that much more. Love for your family. I am so sorry.
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    Meet the new guy

    He looked that way when he won the Heisman, pretty much. He just aged fast like some do.
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    Vols practice #4

    Whoever starts on this team will have earned it. Not saying that wasn't true under the previous staff, but I wonder if some of the starters in recent years were playing because of recruitment hype.
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    Running Backs Update

    That line was full of killers.

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