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    Can the Arkansas situation affect Tennessee Football?

    Not crazy at all, actually. I think Butch could handle a job of that calibre. His ceiling and Arkansas' ceiling are around the same level. He is always one special recruiting class away from relevance and almost great years. He probably has learned more about coaching in the last 2 years...
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    Chaney didn’t call the QB Run against UK

    I may have missed something obvious, but where is Joe Doyle?
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    Coaching Turnover

    I think Will Friend was always a good coach. It simply took time for strength and conditioning to also be good. Our boys have better technique, know their lanes, have faith in the man beside them, and are getting stronger and tougher. Our O and D Lines have been stronger than the lines they...
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    Maurer had been a liability in the 1st half.
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    *****Jeremy Pruitt post game comments

    We owe MIzzou a load of pain.
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    *****Jeremy Pruitt post game comments

    Well, we needed them all, obviously.
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    That Goal Line Stand

    Stout in the Clutch. That made the season.
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    Butch withdraws from Rutgers coaching search

    If he can iron and starch Saban's jockstrap, he can probably carry Phil's too.
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    Hal Mumme discusses 1997 Tennessee-Kentucky game

    Absolutely true. Most sports fans still just assume Peyton naturally won the Heisman that season. Because how could he not?
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    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    Lisa Rinna?
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    Vols Practice Thread Tuesday

    UK starters at the line of scrimmage are stout, but this should be on we can win with depth, such as it is.
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    Bryce Thompson ties single-game interception record

    They are not spending 40 minutes on the field each game.
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    Butch Jones interviews for Rutgers job

    Just the type of setting he can succeed.
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    Desmond Howard can suck it

    DeBord was the reason we were above average, even with that list of talent.
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    Vols Practice Thread Wednesday

    Is it really possible Chandler goes pro as a jr? He is not that dominant yet.

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