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    Best SEC Town/City (other than KnoxVegas)

    Believe it or not, Auburn is a really nice place. I have a sophomore there that wanted to go to UT, but out of state tuition was just too high. We enjoy spending time down there. Everything seems so new.
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    Tom Luginbill was just on Marty & McGhee on

    SEC Network. They were talking about our situation. Luginbill said the problem with the Vols is the fans want to be Alabama, when in reality they should aspire to be Kentucky or Ole Miss. 🤬 What the.... ??? Kentucky or Ole Miss?
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    Post your advice to Coach Heupel

    Don't get the green onions in your Petros.
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    Current (and Former) Player Reactions

    We may look a lot like Ole Miss next year. They had a wide open offense and a below average defense. If I remember correctly, they were in most games. They were even competitive with Bama for a good portion of the game.
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    **update 1/27 N865UT is still on the ground at 10:15 in ORL. PC is at noon. Flight time is about 90 minutes. **update airborne around 10:20.

    Do any of you guys remember the drunk woman that greeted Nick Saban when he landed in Tuscaloosa? That was quite hilarious. I think she may have gotten a DUI later that day if my memory serves me correctly.
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    Honestly, can this guy lead UT to a SEC/National Championship?

    I'll settle for being the best team in Tennessee again right now. Baby steps.
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    I have not heard this spin on rocky top...

    So Freeze was fired for basically the same reason we fired Pruitt?
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    After digesting everything today....

    The NCAA is tough and will nail us to the wall. Just ask LSU and Will Wade.

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