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    '21 AL OL Rod Orr

    FSU< Ga Tech == I can start as a freshman!
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    Bullet points from The Athletic on UT Football

    Guess you missed that Carlin is NOT on the roster?!?
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    Can JT Shrout take the # 2 QB Spot?

    You may be right. But I think he plays ... if for no other reason than game time and film to study. The reason he might not make the field is because he does not have a good grasp of Chaney's system. Think back to last year ... in year one ... None of the quarterbacks showed a good understanding...
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    Pruitt cancels scrimmage (due to covid-related absences and injuries)

    Respectfully, You have been bought a pig in polk! Politics are not the cause of the division - PEOPLE are. People can disagree and be respectful ... or they can be disagreeable and divisive. I'm a flag waver and that is not an apology. AND I respect the rights of those to burn that same flag I...
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    '21 SC DT Tyrion Ingrams-Dawkins

    I take the hand sign as "Live Long and Prosper" but what do I know. Listing is not alphabetic. So, I say, "Vol .... and he doesn't even know it just yet ... but it is in the back of his brain ... Why? Because ... you save the best for last." ;)
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I like to think of them in "the other room" and we just can't see 'em right now. We can't hear 'em or hug 'em. Some people talk about letting them go ... I prefer to recommend that we hold on to them, tightly. We have memories, and we can replay them anytime...
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    '21 AL OL Rod Orr

    His cousin is Roc Taylor. I project that Roc and Rod play together. I am afraid to go to far out on the limb on this one. No inside information from the cheap seats.
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    Which WRs will lead us in receiving yards...

    I can just tell you ... give me Wideman on the field ... if I need a first down or a TD ... and throw him the ball! He is big, athletic with strong hands AND he can out jump everybody ... on every team. The only thing preventing him from getting the most red zone opportunities this season is...
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    '21 TX DE Tunmise Adeleye

    Me! Makes me want to go out and get some frogs off the pond. Oh my ... a pan full of sizzlin' frog legs. I swear if we were tailgating ... frog legs would trump just about everything.
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    '21 FL CB Terrion Arnold did GT make the list? Olaf has a better chance of graduating from GT than Terrion.
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    Tennessee shuts practice down for Covid-19 reasons

    Come on ... you forgot a at least one category ..... 4) Those who will never get it.
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    '21 AL OL Rod Orr

    Unless someone has access to the police report .... there appear to be at least 3 people ... in the room where it happened. ... "The police did not release names of those involved in the incident." That is plural and it seems to be both accurate and intentional. Alabama-Birmingham football...
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    So, time for a little addition ... HB is now back at practice + "No more insider leaks" == Somebody's moving up the chart and we need to keep it on the down low. I am very cool with that! Actuarial valuation ... anyone, anyone, ..... anyone? ;)
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    2020 predictions

    Who is responsible for limiting the infection correlation in the referees???? Too many variable in play .... injured, sick and quarantined, depth or lack of it, ... we just want the opportunity to see football on Saturday! I whipped out the Ouija board .... Tennessee ... overperform ... 8-2...
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    This picture of my son from the UT/Georgia State game of a UT fan in full surrender cobra pose is showing up again.

    If we removed his head... What would .. the rest of the screen say? ...of Life? or do need to see above it to see... State? :^)

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