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    Grayson Allen ejected

    This is why you don't name your kid "Grayson" What a maroon.
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    JJ Peterson ?

    The whole point here was a true freshman is LIKELY to move ahead of JJ in the Rotation; and he was the "Crown Jewel" of last year's class. SOME of yall were obviously not HERE last year to remember the Conversations; and Some on here just Love to stir the pot. There is no civility anymore...
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    Former Vol Orta in some trouble

    It isn't a broad stereotype. It's been proven time and again that pedophiles flock to jobs and hobbies that give them easy access and authority over children. It's being studied and proven now that type A assholes/authoritarian control freaks seek out jobs that give them control, with minimum...
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    Former Vol Orta in some trouble

    I feel like the blue font is heavily implied in this statement... I feel like Im gonna be ambushed for saying it but here it goes; in my experience it seems that control freaks flock to law enforcement and the military, just like pedophiles flock to churches and schools. Sue me if I'm wrong.
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    The 2019 O/U thread....

    Over Number of rushing yards for Tn's #2 RB (whoever that might be/not named Chandler) over/under 500 yards
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    Tim McHugh

    I've just searched 247 for his profile. Nothing. Anybody got any info on this guy? Nevermind.
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    '20 TN OL Cooper Mays (UT commit 6.21.19)

    Meth lab mishap?
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    Tweeting Recruits

    Anyone grown person tweeting to High schoolers needs to reexamine their lives. Full stop.
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    Lovie Jenkins Commits

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    Anything Short of winning the East is a...............

    Sh* troll is sh*t. I’d be fine with 7-5 this year. Continuing an upward trend is the goal. Contending for SEC titles is 3-4 years away and don’t y’all forget it. Don’t run Pruitt off beforehand, he’s a good coach.
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    2019 Football Time in Tennessee Cover

    Here here. My lord they have gotten expensive though... I don't remember certain top shelf, entirely encapsulated in plastic, ahem, men's magazines from my past costing more than $4.99.
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    Brian Williams Tweets

    The player selling weed has to be Ramar right?
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    ***** 2019 Orange and White Game (Full Video)

    Yeah the stuttering issues aren't even a thing until early 4th quarter. It's not bad enough for a do over imo. Thanks for the upload!

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