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    ‘20 NC SG Jaden Springer (UT commit 10/23/19)

    Yes! Btw, here's a photo of Rick Barnes staring down Memphis and Michigan earlier this week....
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    Georgia game

    Man, their offense is just offensive. I'm sorry. Seriously though, what happened to Fromm? Was it really the receivers they lost last year? I figured they would have reloaded better than that though.
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    Vandy getting killed by Mizz

    I hope some fine gentlemen engages you in fisticuffs, whereupon he doffs your fontanelle but good! Why? Because of your attitude, outlook on life, and inability to form coherent sentences. Ignoring the laws of syntax, grammar, or even punctuation does not help your argument sir. In short, if...
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    More Violence in Vol Football

    Yay for traumatic brain injuries!
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    Squirrel (mystery solved)

    So it's not stuffed? A live squirrel? ok
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    Biggest bunch of whiners ive ever seen

    Hey OP, I was just surfing the internet and found this pic of you.
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    Biggest bunch of whiners ive ever seen

    You forgot the blue font.
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    Biggest bunch of whiners ive ever seen

    tl;dr BTW, your avatar is ironic on so many levels. Thanks for the laugh, I really needed it today goober.
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    You have turned your back on Tennessee

    Reading comprehension fail. Way to miss every point and only hear what you want to. Also ultimate projection with that last sentence, just like your god-king! Hey I got some real estate I'm willing to sell in south florida if you're looking.
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    You have turned your back on Tennessee

    Way to miss the point completely and put words in my mouth. Typical. It's ok, your god-king is being exposed for the corrupt piece of dog crap he is and that's got all you fascists in a tizzy. You're dumber than usual, so I'll slow down: locking up kids in cages, shooting them in schools, and...
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    You have turned your back on Tennessee

    That's the simultaneously the shittiest cop out and dumbest thing I've ever read on here. That's saying something. Good job. Hey, what's your stance on evolution? That a liberal conspiracy to make you doubt your sky wizard or what? What justifications do you use to attack children like the...
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    You have turned your back on Tennessee

    We're gonna lose by 50.
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    Visitor list (UGA game)

    Haha! I know... I know all to well. ttyi2024
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    Let's just pay em' already!

    "Yeah, let's just cheat to get what we want! Yay cheating!" Seriously guys? There are at least 10 people on this board who don't mind cheating to get what they want? That's ****ing sad. No wonder 35% of this country still supports the president. Sad sad times. I think I'm just gonna be...
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    TOS Reporting 3 players likely to enter transfer portal

    I can't wait until we field the scout team for the bammer game. What do you think the score will be for that one? 212-0?

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