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    Why is Bituli not projected as a 1-2 round pick???

    I think he ran that 97 yards in 11 seconds because Gaulden put up 2 fingers, I think he was signaling eleven but I may be mis-remembering:cool:
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    I was under the assumption that Barnes didn't allow fake heights. Remember his first year some of our returning players lost 2 or 3 inches in the programs. He may have evolved to the HS method of exaggerated height's , times etc...just don't seem like Barnes though.
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    Barnes: Fulkerson nowhere near peak of his potential

    Foul trouble was a big thing for Fulky pre SEC and his confidence was not as high. As he decided to beg & work for the ball and kept breaking his high point total. His confidence went up and Refs as they usually do will not usually call tick tack fouls on #1 option. I may be wrong but don't...
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    Why is Bituli not projected as a 1-2 round pick???

    Well I was told by a guy that follows Jumper as we were talking about Bituli he said I was wrong on his Forty time So I googled it 247 May be wrong
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    Why is Bituli not projected as a 1-2 round pick???

    I was wrong on this, Jumper ran a sub 4.6 Forty and 20 reps @ 225 bench...weighing in at 235 lbs. were Bituli ran a 4.84 forty and 18 reps @225. bench So maybe Bituli may be too slow for coverage since Jumper seem to barely make it. Wish he could have had Vol Pro day to better his combine numbers.
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    Why is Bituli not projected as a 1-2 round pick???

    Colton Jumpers in his 2nd year with New Orleans , Bituli may end up on a team as a FA like Jumper, about the same 40 time.
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    When UT made the top 10

    PF was a good HC with a good cast of assistant especially DCut. The thing he had going for him was sans Spurrier the rest of the SEC HC 's were mediocre. The SEC is loaded with top HC's now more than I have ever seen.
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    My Way Too Early 2020-2021 SEC Men's Basketball Predictions

    Illinois still hates BP and Iowa is shaking their head UT is split half think he's the next coming and half think otherwise. How he came out of all this and continues to do it it is amazing in it's self. I loved UT while he was here and held my nose while he coached & played Steven over other...
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    Players Leaving

    Somebody has "JUMPED the Shark"
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    Future of DI Athletics/Athletics Dept.

    Doesn't matter the world will end in December 2012 MAYA Doomsday.
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    What sports moment broke your heart the worst?

    This game really drove the quote home, I grew up hearing Jim McKay saying on ABC Wide World of Sports. ....The thrill of Victory & the agony of defeat....the human drama of Athletic competition.. I was walking out of stadium saying to my friend that Jim McKay ABC opening quote came to mind and...
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    Harrison bailey and jalin hyatt workout together

    Will JG get a 6rh year? LOL
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    Harrison bailey and jalin hyatt workout together

    Agree, I think we will be good at QB no matter what. Will we be above average that's very debatable. If HB is good enough to beat out a 5th year senior then I believe he will break records while at UT for 3 years then declare. If not the competition between he & BM & JTS next year will be...
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    Mac McClung

    seen were he declared for NBA but has not hired an agent so assuming just for assessment
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    Tri-cities board members PSA

    If it was he is even a bigger douche , he denied it was staged but I would'n't believe him either way or ever listen to him. He is a homer for himself I hear his voice and change the dial. He's the guy that can give it but never takes it.

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