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    When will OK and Texas officially join the SEC?

    Agree to a point but when teens have never had money and/or good parents. I could see a night out and peer pressure with cash in the pocket could lead to bad headlines. Just takes a moment to make the lifetime blunder, we've seen it before with supposedly bare minimums $$ wise.
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    I love the expansion (if it happens)

    Just go out recruit the best of the best high school players and any that are in lower-income communities. Get their parents jobs and a house in Knoxville. They transfer play last year of ball in Ktown and get a NIL lined up. The fastest way to get back to the top. Bamas been doing it for years.
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    Eric Gray Wanya Morris and Keyshawn Lynch welcome back to the sec

    OD, One thing will happen this year where you said Kirby can't beat Pruitt will come through for you finally..
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    OK Vol friends, with the addition of OU-TX likely, what do we have to do to get competitive again with all these powerhouses?

    Think if players let it be known they will hit the portal to a team that can have an agent secure an enormous NIL deal. There will be a bidding war on a lot of QB's &RB's WR's LB's and edge rushers. We buy all of those top-shelf we are back. Not sure if this takes the edge off passionately...
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    Harrison Smith rated higher than Alvin Kamara

    y Yep hard to believe a Volnation denizen would not know a local great even though he starred at Notre Dame.
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    Paul Finebaum. What's with his bama love when he's UT grad?

    Bingo, he knows he's a millionaire because the Gumps sat on the edge of their seats with mouths agape, taking in his radio show. Which vaulted him to his current gig with the SEC's version of the Jerry Springer show. They do have an occasional good interview with SEC coaches.
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    Corey Fleming Game Worn Cowboys Jersey

    I wonder if college players can sell signed jerseys after the season is over. If the team lets them keep their game jersey.
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    Instant impact players of 2021

    Yep, that one position can totally turn a D around. Make's DB's look better, pressure leads to Interceptions & Sacks the O gets more opportunities. If we could get play close to 1 of the 3 you mentioned. It would go a long way in getting this thing turned around.
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    H. Bailey will be attending Manning QB Academy

    I like Bailey a lot that being said to early to tell. JG had all the intangibles in practice too. Like Tyson said everybody’s got a plan till they get hit in the face. Nothing like SEC defenses to give a few former HS All Americans a hit in the face. IMO Bailey will be odds on favorite. Still...
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    CJH Ranked Top 3 Coach Among 130FBS Coaches

    I think Saban is a great organizer in college ball. When he was at Miami Dolphins and they just drafted players in order yearly. He was record-wise mediocre. Where in college football where your fan base/donors can under the table buy the best players without a pecking order then the rich just...
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    Was there ever

    Saban coached one of his worst games. Even his wife said, why did you go for it on 4th down in your own territory. She said his stupidest decision ever on the field. They won in spite of Sabans blunder and UT not taking advantage. Also, the Voodoo that Rohan's mother put on the Vols.
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    Get to know Joe Milton

    He reminds me Dwain Mathis UGA 6'6" big super strong arm can extend plays was being raved about. RS Freshman then Jamie Newman opts out.Beck was hurt, Mathis still couldn't bet out walk-on Stetson Bennett.
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    In this new era may we see merit based perfomance bonuses for college football players?

    Will the one's making money be fined for flunking out of school and being ineligible for the rest of the season or Bowl games
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    Best Tennessee Wide Receiver

    or Richmond Flowers
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    Dominic Bailey caught with weed

    Did you really mean reefer or when was the refer madness movement,

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