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    '19 FL RB Noah Cain (Penn State signee)

    You sure as hell ain't one.
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    East Tennessee Weather II

    Hope upstate SC finally gets some
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    Screw Georgia

    They had more talent than bama. They got to play them 2 times. They were allowed to hold wr's. Out talenting is the one only way the bowl cut moe Howard looking coach can win.
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    8 BAMA players in the portal!!

    Who cares if a player is a traitor to bama? 😂 I know I don't.
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    Kamara on bama sideline?

    A volunteer on the bama sideline is crazy considering the historic rivalry between the 2 universities.
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    Georgia O-Line

    I hate Georgia with good ole fashion hate. It's unbelievable to me that they haven't been caught paying players before the nil deal.
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    Even a blind squirrel will find a nut from time to time. 5 stars can make anybody seem like amazing coach's.
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    Kamara on bama sideline?

    I'm a competitive person. F him and Alabama. What an idiotic thing to do. No pride.
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    '19 GA RB Tyrell Robinson (Army Commit)

    I thinks it obvious during games he is better than Wright. All I have to go by is what I've seen during games.
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    Tyler Baron in the portal (or not)

    It really is. It isn't fair to smart schools. At least make everyone equal.
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    '22 GA RB Justin Williams (Tennessee signee)

    Whitehead is a good rb.

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