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    Vols up to 8th in the AP rankings

    Winning @ Death Valley is absolutely a top 5 scenario. With no changes at the top that would put us behind UGA Alabama Ohio State & Michigan. We would clearly have a better resume than Clemson or USC.
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    The Auburn Tigers & "PrimeTime"?

    He gone parlay his way right into a big time job. Auburn vs Alabama with him & Saban on the sideline will be some good television..
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    Gary Danielson

    How do they keep missing that? We've had whole host of bad games on national television in the past years. And it was always against our rivals, who've at different times been better to much better than we have. All these whiney assed people are quite off-putting. Volnation is still great, but...
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    I don’t think the whole D is bad

    We were not a physically dominant defense last year. And as to be expected, we aren't Georgia or Bama overnight. We are gonna be trying to outscore teams until we've recruited a championship level defense (which takes several years). Please translate this post into English for the...
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    Vols up to #9 in USA Today coaches poll

    Some of these people are walking dead. Really. If their life is that damned terrible, then they need to get the hell off of docial media and get a job. Build themselves up in the world and come back happier. Sheesh. We just whipped Florida's ass and you'd think we damn lost.....
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    Vols up to #9 in USA Today coaches poll

    Lol at the above...🤣 Two teams above us lost. Made perfect sense. GoVols.
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    We're 4 and 0 and I'm Pis_ _ed!

    Should not take forever, but it should be built correctly. And our standard in the East is UGA. They've been lights out in recruiting..
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    I read it as typed. Maybe you mis-typed it. There is an edit feature...
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    I knew it wouldn't be long before one of these sad-sack "Vol" fans showed up...
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    The Auburn Tigers & "PrimeTime"?

    Him & Bruce the Butcher would be an interesting pair for sure.... Auburn football fans hopeful about Deion Sanders after flight info revealed
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    The Myth of the 4 Year Rebuild

    Yes, things changed quickly. Lol at all that stuff. Tennessee won against Florida. Next up is LSU. Losing was the 'stench', winning is the fresh air fragrance to cover it. Nothing more, or less.
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    Ramel Keyton appreciation thread

    The kind of plays that kids from Wide Receiver U make.. And that was amazing, an all time great one.
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    Takeo Spikes Just Said

    Banks got held twice and blocked in the back @ least once. Never a call..
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    Tim Banks

    Some of our "smartest" fans want our defense to look like we've been recruiting top level SEC defensive players for many years in a row and we have this mythical "depth" everyone keeps speaking of. We are however, good enough to win. The next step is being good enough to dominate. That will be...

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