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    Karoline Striplin

    This thread and the responses wouldn't load this kid down with expectations would it?
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    Curious: What do Vols have to do vs UF…

    I don't think we have to have injuries to be in this situation against most SEC teams.
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    Hendon Hooker has 2 years to play for the Vols

    Surly you jest. DOBBS?? No I mean the last QB (I use the term loosely) we endured..
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    Some thoughts on the

    Have we done this all total so far this season?
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    Some thoughts on the

    This is much the same way most teams are playing now. Nothing new or exclusive to coach H here.
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    Please Defense please don’t knock Emory jones out the game ..

    Hell, all opposing QB's are scary good against us...
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    Hendon Hooker has 2 years to play for the Vols

    You mean we have two more years to suffer with this "you know who" type QB??
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    Florida: Not so fast my friend

    What the hell does the coaching staff have to do with the way a team preforms on the field? The staff does it's best to put in place a game plan based on the teams abilities. In most cases (this one in particular) when a team has little ability, then all the coaching in the world can't cause the...
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    Florida: Not so fast my friend

    First highlight: Just don't think it will be enough. Not enough horses to stay the course. Second highlight: OK Third highlight: If we do it is so then a chance I can't really see it.
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    76k at the Shoe

    No "damn yankees are the ones who come south AND don't go back!!!
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    Under Center?

    This assumes our line can push the defensive line backwards. I don't see this happening very often. Hell, we could hardly run against Tech.
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    76k at the Shoe

    I don't give a damn, where the "name" came from. If you are from "up there" then you are a yankee!
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    Is it the QB or is it the wide receivers?

    First: if you throw the ball too far, then it is on you, not the receiver. Second: If a receiver is too slow, it's not his fault. The fault lies with you not being able to hit him and don't look for an open man. Third: It's your fault. Learn to pass the ball. Not just throw it. Slow or fast...
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    76k at the Shoe

    I, as I expect most Tennesseans don't need a map to show where "Yankee's" hail from. In many cases the "line" means nothing, there are yankees everywhere.
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    76k at the Shoe

    Then what the hell are they?!!?

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