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    NCAA Tournament chances

    I get what you're saying about Washington in terms of analytics, but the committee has a brain, and will see that they are currently the worst team in the Pac12 at 2-9.
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    '21 WV ATH Isaiah Johnson

    I can confirm, I played hs sports in the area. Garbage.
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    '21 WV ATH Isaiah Johnson

    VT is actually the home team here. He's about an hour from their campus, vs. 4 from West VA. 247 and Rivals both have him as a 4 star now. I'd guess his level of competition is pretty terrible.
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Is anyone on this thread actually responding? I'm only seeing empty quoted spots the last 3 pages.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    We should refrain from posting anything from the unstable pedo wife beating guy on Twitter.
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    Where are we from?

    Born in VA to Vols grads. Went elsewhere but never waivered on fanhood. Have also lived in CA, WV, ID and met good Vols fans in every stop. Richmond now, pretty good contingent here.
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    Vandy hilarity

    I'm freaking dying. That was hilarious.
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    Fuente To Baylor?

    Penn State has been snagging a lot of the good Virginia kids too. We've obviously taken a couple recently in D. Taylor and JHunter.
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    Fuente To Baylor?

    Ehh, leave nuance and critical thinking to the big boys. I'm sure there's a debate in meme form somewhere on here that's a little more at your level.
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    Fuente To Baylor?

    One conference has 3 teams that have combined to win 5 national titles in the last 20 years, and 2 of the last 4. The other is the Big12, whose preeminent program hasn't won anything of importance since 2000, and also includes Kansas, and directional schools such as TCU, Texas Tech, Kansas...
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    Fuente To Baylor?

    Given those same metrics, you would also conclude that Baylor is a better job than Tennessee then? After all, how long has it been since Tennessee has had a 10 win season? I don't remember the last time Boise State didn't have a 10 win season but they'd trade places with Vanderbilt in a second...
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    Fuente To Baylor?

    VT is far superior job. So unless he just loves Waco I wouldn't understand this one.
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    LSU lost to Troy

    Improved the team's win total and conference win total in year 1. Beat a team that finished in the Top10. Won @Auburn. Signed a Top15class. Since you need reminded.
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    LSU lost to Troy

    The Neal Brown that just went like 4-8 in the worst Power 5 league in the nation? That same Neal Brown Troy program that lost to South Alabama, Boise State x2, Liberty, App State, Arkansas State, and Georgia Southern? Yeah, real powerhouse. They were equal losses, and that coach has...
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    Watch THIS...

    Some of these guys impress me to no end with their maturity and thoughtfulness during interviews. Bituli is a stud, and seems like a great person.

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