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    Hopefully Saturday puts to rest our QB woes...

    I know this will get me booed off the stage, but if all rumors are true and JG is "forced" to miss this week because of COVID protocols, leading to a different QB, it doesn't mean CJP won't run JG out there for next one.
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    Tuesday practice highlights

    After the announcement that one of the QBs is on COVID protocols, I didn't expect to see any QB footage.
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    Vols Linebacker arrested with guns and drugs(Kivon Bennett)

    I’m not casting an opinion about the soundness of the decision. I’m just stating that it appears inevitable that it will happen.
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    Vols Linebacker arrested with guns and drugs(Kivon Bennett)

    The evidence, if true, suggests that he wasn't simply using. He was selling, or at least intending to sell. Opinions aside, it is illegal. As far as the 2nd Amendment goes, the courts have clearly ruled that there are limitations to the right to possess a firearm. Opinions aside, he broke the...
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    Vols Linebacker arrested with guns and drugs(Kivon Bennett)

    While I haven't used it in decades and likely wouldn't if it were legal, I think it is pretty clear that it will be legal for recreational use on a national level within the next decade or so. More states are adopting it every election cycle, and at some point, the feds are are going to have to...
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    Vols Linebacker arrested with guns and drugs(Kivon Bennett)

    I'm pretty sure if you got stopped with a five gallon bucket of moonshine and a couple of cases of mason jars, you'd also get arrested. BTW, in a weed legal state, street selling is illegal.
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    Josh Palmer quote on Harrison Bailey (could mean Bailey starts?)

    Even if Bailey starts and plays decently, I would guess that JG gets rolled back out there the next week once off COVID protocols. (assuming the rumors are true, of course)
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    The Case for Keeping Pruitt

    OP, I don't understand why you don't hold coaching accountable for the QB play. Pruitt has three QBs on the roster that he recruited. The argument that Chaney needs "his guy" has no merit. If those guys have the talent and work ethic to be granted a scholarship to play football in the SEC, the...
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    The reason we should hold off on coaching change

    I simply cannot understand why someone could believe that a coach will somehow have a lightbulb come on and all of the sudden be great. If Pruitt was the right guy, we would know it by now.
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    Rank these head coaches.

    Saban 10 Mullen 8 Smart 6 Orgeron 5 Kiffin 7 M. Stoops 7.5 Fulmer 8 Majors 7 Spurrier 9 Miles 7.5 Dabo 10 Urban 10
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    If Pruitt doesn’t start Bailey and he continues to play Guarantano—do we start blaming Fulmer for not intervening?

    ADs don’t intervene when coaches make bad decisions. They fire them when they make too many.
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    The point is that Mizzou has shown marked improvement each week they’ve played. As opposed to none at all that we’ve seen.
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    If UT played Mizzou today, I think UT loses.
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    Do you honestly think JG will be on the roster next year?

    So no one seems to feel like he may not be asked to return? Even if CJP really does believe that JG is the team's best chance now, that doesn't mean he doesn't think one of the youngsters would be after a spring and fall camp of working with the ones. JG has caused coach a lot of grief from...

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