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    Impact of a Spring Football Season

    Would you then turn around and open camp for the 2021 fall season six weeks later? Any player that suffers a knee or other serious injury could easily end up missing two seasons to injury. I don't like it.
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    It really is amazing how many strength coaches we’ve had

    It sure helps the guy (didn't Google him :) ) that Kirk Ferentz has been at Iowa for 20+ years. But, I understand and agree with your point.
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    Vol retro logo madness

    1st Round 1 v. 8: Leonard's Loser, 8 5 v. 4: Leonard's Loser, 5 3 v. 6: Leonard's Loser, 3 7 v. 2: Leonard's Loser, 7 2nd Round 1 v. 4: Leonard's Loser, 4 2 v. 6: Leonard's Loser, 2 Final 1 v. 6: Leonard's Loser, 1, with #6 knocking off the top three seeds.
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    We’re losing S&C Coach Fitz after all

    I think you are overreacting a bit. S&C is a pretty broadly studied and disseminated science. They just need someone who has experience and shares core philosophies with CJP. They're out there. I see a lot of CFB programs with players like Pruitt wants. Pruitt probably knows 10-12 guys that...
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    Best Athlete to ever play at UT

    I think I would have to go with Reggie white. His quickness, speed and agility for his size was beyond elite. Not to mention he could take a 300 OL to the ground with a backhand swim move. He was a very strong man.
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    Tennessee DL Darel Middleton was arrested this morning on two charges.

    I think we should just save one of these threads with a blank spot for the name. Might save Freak some server space.
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    The future is here-

    That goes both ways. The best catching receivers aren't very effective with a quarterback who can put the ball on them, I think a lot of it will depend on how long it takes Bailey to adapt to the speed of the game. D1 DBs close throwing windows a whole lot faster than HS DBs.
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    Butch Jones got a promotion

    I don't understand this thinking. He's going to get UT money no matter what job he has. Whether his current job offsets it by $35K a year or 800K, he still has the same income. Why wouldn't he take the job that he thinks gives him the best opportunity for the future? He may end up a HC at a...
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    Butch Jones got a promotion

    I seriously doubt that Jones is working at Alabama just to screw over Tennessee, and I doubt even more that Saban is doing it for the same reasons. Jones is only in his early 50s, and the Volunteer gravy train is going to run out pretty soon. It makes a great deal of sense that he's trying to...
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    Butch Jones got a promotion

    Would you feel better if he were coaching wide receivers at Marshall for and extra $50K a year? This is all on Tennessee. They offered the contract, and he signed it. It is not fraud.
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    Under Consideration: ncaa announces one-time immediate eligibility transfer exception

    That's not what the news story said: "Should this rule pass, there still will be some restrictions on transfers seeking to gain their eligibility immediately at a new school. Athletes will have to have gained a release from their previous school, have to be in good academic standing, maintain...
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    Under Consideration: ncaa announces one-time immediate eligibility transfer exception

    Do you think Clemson would release Lawrence to go to Alabama? I don't. I can't see a school releasing any of its top players. They will all have to go through the process the same as now. A mass exodus from one team isn't going to happen because that school won't release the players.
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    Offseason fun thread: What’s the difference between a great Head Coach and a decent/bad one

    Everything that has been mentioned is important, but I think that, if you asked coaches, they would say culture. Yes, some are better at X's and O's than others. And, some are better recruiters. But, the ability to create, instill and sustain an environment where very nearly everyone is fully...
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    New defensive line coach: Jimmy Brumbaugh

    2005 to UTC. Was a a student assistant in 2004 2006 to LSU. From UTC? Seems to make sense to me. 2008 to LA Tech. First real job. Was S&C coach at LSU. 2010 to Syracuse. From LA Tech? I get that. 2012 to East Mississippi Community College. HC at Syracuse was fired after 2011. Not on him. 2013 to...
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    New defensive line coach: Jimmy Brumbaugh

    If a team loses, the HC gets fired, and so, the assistants all get fired. If a team wins, other teams cherry pick the assistants, offering them one step closer to a HC or coordinator job. It's just how it works.

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