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    VA battle

    At 70%, you will get free care at a VA home the rest of your life, at least shoot for that.
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    Vacation / Travel

    Want to rent our place in Snowbird next month ??
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    Huge fight involving Kansas [could impact our game with them Saturday]

    I heard all involved will be suspended for the first two games next season. ;)
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    Gator Bowl ranked 3rd best by CBS

    3 additional bowls next season.
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    All things STOCKS

    Well, I still have 4 more days....
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    All things STOCKS

    Gonna be a bad week....
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    The Official Tennessee Titans thread IV

    By a guy the patriots traded that played at RUTGERS !!!
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    Lol caption IU's coach in this photo

    Ain't the beer barrel.....
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    2019-MMXX Bowl Standings

    SEC West not holding up their end.
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    OSU fans are pissed!

    osu fans, voted the most obnoxious in polls year after year.
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    As bad as OUs beating was

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    How old were you...

    After seeing the replay of the TV coverage, was sick that it was all about Jackson at the end.
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    How old were you...

    I would post a picture of my ticket stub if I had great grandchildren to show me how. I was 51. Went to every game that year except UGA since their fans were such jerks. Surprised the Carrier Dome wasn't air conditioned...….o_Oo_Oo_O
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    Rest well mbro

    Very sad to hear, may his family receive comfort as he has finally.
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    RIP SEC on CBS

    B1G marquee games are on at Noon, hope that doesn"t happen to the SEC.

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