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    Targeting Rule..too harsh - how would you change it?

    I would bring back the 5 yard face mask. I would also put in provisions about the offensive player changing their position leaving the defender no choice to correct posture. I’d also implement soft shoulder pads and a soft or pliable helmet. No more hard shells. Those two things are the...
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    Stand up Comedy Thread

    I split it into one viewing. 5 minutes in I turned it off and found something good to watch.
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    Stand up Comedy Thread

    He’s horrible
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    Guitars.. What you got?

    And why do we need anyone’s permission to question it?
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    What does the Bible say?

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    Whisky, bourbon or scotch and what's your favorite?

    Really? Dickey 12 has become one of my faves.
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    What does the Bible say?

    I’m guessing by the “ignored content” message I’m seeing that Rex is going on with his crazy posts with quotes and requotes and endless rambling.
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    Amazon lands The Lord of the Rings TV series

    I’m pumped!
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    Tony Basilio

    Tony is the George Bailey of Knoxville talk radio and you friggin morons are running to OL’ Man Potter like there’s a run on the bank. This town needs this old building and loan. Idiots.
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    Tony Basilio

    Dude, this is the internet age. Having a radio signal is consequential.
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    Video: Locker Room Tour

    Wow!! I can see why recruiting is peaking. TBA is a top 10 arena in the entire country. Pratt Pavilion and now the Locker room. Elite!!
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    Tony Basilio

    He ain’t going no where because some jack wagon stops listening. He has faithful listeners and advertisers. He’s survived several decades and with the internet he technically doesn’t need to rely on some puny station carrying his program.
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    Tony Basilio

    Where do you work. I’d like to evaluate your performance and then share it on the forum.
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    What does the Bible say?

    So, we should try to communicate with snakes? There are things in scripture that are easy and some very difficult. There is no serious theologian who would say otherwise. Genesis is narrated and mentions God, not presented as God speaking.
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    What does the Bible say?

    The bold is where the problem lies. Having been fully immersed in fundamentalism and still having dear friends who hold that view, I’d agree. You can be absolutely sincere. Sincere people can also be wrong. Paul and Barnabus had a disagreement and went their separate ways. It’s hard to...

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