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    CB Mordecai McDaniel has flipped to Florida

    That isn’t what I took exception with. Geez. Everyone knows there is a 25 man limit. Their number were limited because of forward signing.
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    CB Mordecai McDaniel has flipped to Florida

    I don’t think so
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    Tenn. hype who did they beat chants

    Uh, he’s right. The jury is still out. The only disagreement I have is on recruiting. I think Pruitt has out recruited Butch. Butch’s roster turnover was embarrassing. Pruitt has only had a couple of recruits he signed leave the program. I think one is coming back. The ratio of signees to...
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    The Mandalorian (Disney+)

    Burr was good. I have a feeling Mando will be running into those guys again.
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    The Mandalorian (Disney+)

    Well, this episode was the best yet!!
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    The Tony Basilio Show

    Don’t tell that to these fugging idiots. They don’t have a clue.
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    The Tony Basilio Show

    Tony has been doing his own thing for a while. He doesn’t work for a radio station. He’s completely independent and buys the air time. I’d say most his listeners are off the app. He has a lot more than you think, as well as loyal advertisers. His problem was always with radio stations that...
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    Joel on 99.1 Sports Talk Radio

    You’re post blasting a local radio personality is more irritating. Get a frigging life
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    Tennessee coaching staff salaries

    Im 49. If I’d known there would be this kind of money in coaching, who knows. I might be coaching the b-ball team. @Orangeslice13 could be my assistant and throw chairs.
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    Memphis!! Much to gain and a lot to lose V4L

    At 6:00 am Dude, get some help. Seriously.
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    Tennessee coaching staff salaries

    Wow, if we paid just a little more we’d be in the playoff. Am I doing it right?
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    The Mandalorian (Disney+)

    That and the whole Ewok thing was the weakest part of the original trilogy.
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    Omari Thomas is a Vol!

    I’m aware. I just think people are oblivious to the fact that every team in college football turns their entire roster over every 4-5 years. So, this class should be pivotal as more than 2/3 of the roster will be kids he signed.
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    VOLS fire burning bright! ....Literally

    That was Barry Gibb

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