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    First BB game

    Staying at the Hilton downtown. Been a few years since we were there last. Love it in that area. Friends and I would always stay at the campus days inn back in the late 90’s early 2000’s. Tore the strip up, ate at the Celler many times and it never disappointed back then. Then stumbled into Gus’...
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    First BB game

    Yeah I think the game is a 6 start.
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    First BB game

    Sorry guys but this weekend is the first time I’ve ever been to TBA. I’ve been to Neyland stadium countless times since ‘92. Wife and I are staying downtown( old town). Would it be best to Uber or Lyft to the stadium or drive? Wanting to go for bar food and drinks ( nothin ) fancy after?
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    '19 CA ATH/WR Horace "Bru" McCoy (Tennessee commit)

    No he has not. Sounds like their trying to get that set in stone then he’s possibly headed this way. Sounds like he’s gonna be cleared tho.
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    Isaiah Neyor - Wyoming transfer (merged)

    Blytheville AFB, poor guy. Blytheville is a rough place to live that’s for sure.
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    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    $$$$$$$$ dude!!! You have never been in that position!! So you don’t know. Ik where your coming from but you have to in-depth e other side. It doesn’t take but one play to get hurt. AT is not a player that was dominant and is garanteed an NFL career! He has to put up some impressive combine work...
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    Alontae Taylor opting out of the bowl

    It’s his decision not yours bud. If anything him sitting out showed how good he was and made him a lot more money. Our DB’s looked atrocious without him. Says a lot for his presents on the field.
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    Vols land 4-star DE James Pearce

    🤦‍♂️Dude seriously
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    Tennessee QB Harrison Bailey enters NCAA transfer portal

    So hard to believe he’s not at a top 2 program in the nation the way this fanbase thought of him. “ omg he’s gonna transfer and blow or guts out next year!!!!!”. 🤦‍♂️
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    New OT commit... Gerald Mincey

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    Latest update on Josh Heupel's status

    So since he’s only a 3 star it’s crap huh? Star gazer!
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    And let the plane from Oklahoma to TYS talks begin....

    And ummmmmm,…… Gruden was spotted on the strip with a realtor, a new set of house keys, decked out in all orange and a whistle around his neck and a laminated offensive play sheet tucked in his pants!!!!!!!!
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    Tiyon Evans officially has entered transfer portal

    He missed all spring because of the ankle guys. And ankles were what kept him outta games this year… if those are not taking care of properly it’s something that he could never get over.
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    Beckeith [Dee Beckwith]

    My apologies sir spellcheck. It happens when you’ve been drinking all night.
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    Beckeith [Dee Beckwith]

    And Bekwith got jacked,……

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