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    Where are we from?

    Whitesburg (work in Morristown)
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    Watching the re-play of the Tennessee-Indiana game

    Crazy dysfunctional family :)
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    We are poised for payback to LSU

    Might be the addition of illicit drugs
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    Mike Leach to Miss. St.

    They can’t even Vet refs correctly.. so what makes you think they wouldn’t be biased towards a few specials schools ??
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    What the hell yall.. what were y’all thinking..

    Drinking.... that was the thinking
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    Maurer’s Instagram Post

    The writing is on the wall
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    The Official Tennessee vs. Indiana Tax Slayer Gator Bowl Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Tennessee has a way of emotionally draining every fan!
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    Predict the score, win a photo

    Back to reality.. 34-20 Vols
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    Is Trey Smith returning?

    I think he’s first round talent but his health status would scare most teams. All draft projections I’ve seen don’t have him On it, so any developments will be interesting to see
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    Smoky Grey Helmets

    I do like the mountain silhouettes on the helmet, and have thought about getting one for my room, but my gosh...... $1k??????
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    A great new Vol, Javontez Spraggins, appreciates his new experiences..

    Loyalty!! Can’t let that be understated! Love this young man.

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