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    Help me get this msg. to Heupel and Elarbee

    My smoke signal machine is down but I’ll let him know when it’s back up and running
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    '21 AL WDE Dylan Brooks (Auburn commit)

    That mentality is long gone unfortunately
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    If Vols dropped football what team would you follow?

    Milligan Buffaloes and Oregon
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    Bleed orange?

    after the past few years I think my orange blood has coagulated in my veins..... like a dormancy period until I see results
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    Lastest DC - Patrick Toney (UofL)

    I think deep down you already know the answer to this statement.....
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    Big chip on CJH's shoulder...

    Really? Where was this stated? Or is this supposed to be blue font lol
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    Zero emotions

    I think that there is partly. As one may or may not have there is still a need for the desire to use the skill and to hone it. Since the beginning man has the desire to learn and develop to advance. Anywho, I like these conversations. Different thread though
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    Zero emotions

    Yeah social media and the news are doing great things for people’s very innate ability to think and connect the dots......
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    Portal Players

    I say we go after Arik Gilbert
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    Important reminder on Coach Heupel's first day

    You’re asking a lot from this bunch as well as all Vol Nation.. I’m taking the guarded approach and hope he hires a good defensive coach and recruits like hell. We will see how he does over the next bit.
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    Hyams: AD White has Called a Team Meeting

    Don’t think wrong is the right here.... underwhelmingly disastrous is more accurate
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    Will not happen today

    Would rather it be today so we could at least have a day and half of recruiting
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    Randy Boyd: "The Greatest Decade in UT Athletics Begins Now"

    Thanks for sharing. I’m not on social media so that helped a lot!
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    Randy Boyd: "The Greatest Decade in UT Athletics Begins Now"

    Is there a presser going on now with him speaking or are you referring to the hire in general?

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