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    Spring Practice Thread #1 Tuesday 3/10/20

    yes he did. There was a pic of Gibbs Keyton and B Johnson on vq
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    Kowacie Reeves SG from Macon GA will be on an official visit this weekend. High priority for Vols.
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    '20 ***Class of 2020 Tennessee Signees***

    Need to add William Wright DB from Ensworth as a preferred walk on at the top. And he is a good one!
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    Dantonio steps down

    I just don't see Kiffin lasting too long in the Mississippi Delta.
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    Dantonio steps down

    On twitter a bunch of national writers were tweeting that Dantonio was thought to be involved in several recruiting allegations that the NCAA is looking into. Certainly that would be a good reason for Ricky White to get a release from his NLI.
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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    I heard AP talk about Wideman this morning. He basically said its between Tennessee-Ole Miss. He did say the coaches have been in touch with him and are talking to him. Basically we will find out tomorrow. Thats all I remember.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    I won't disagree with any of that. It sounds very credible and I agree. However Kiffin underachieved at Tennessee by at least 1 game. He was left with 8 win talent ( I will say according to Doug Matthews) he only won 7 and then sent the program into dumpster fire level by bolting for USC right...
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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    AP just said that he hasn't spoken with Wideman and neither have all of those mods and analysts predicting him to OM. He said he might choose OM but he isn't going all negative just yet.
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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    Those were AP's exact words. I guess the answer to your question could be both.
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    '20 FL WR Malachi Wideman (Tennessee signee)

    On VQ AP said Tennessee is in as good of a position as they could be with him.
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    most likely IG is instagram
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    Tennessee Vols Basketball Recruiting

    ? For BTO or rest of board. It looks like for 2021 class we may have to sign possibly 6 players if everyone were to leave? Do I have that right? And my guess would be that we have to sign at least 3 in the early signing period in November for Fulkerson, Pons, and J Johnson? Then possibly 2-3...
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    If Garner's wife didn't like Knoxville she will surely love the Mississippi Delta!!!
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    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    Brandon Kennedy was already granted his 6th year of eligibility. They announced that right after the Bowl Win.
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    TN End Season Ranked?

    cfn has projected Vols to be ranked #25 in final coaches poll. Fwiw they project Ky at #23 in final coaches poll. So yes in coaches poll its possible but not sure how likely.

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