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    This is Kellie!

    Thanks for posting. Nice to see her other job.
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    Let’s go baby

    That's WHY he is paid 5 Mil. 4 shore!
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    Defensive End U?

    I am guessing both nuts, and delusional, but you seem happy! Let's roll.
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    247 update down on state of TN in 2021

    I just bumped Briningstool
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    2019 AD Surplus

    No way you can be this far off from cooking the books...Somebody has moved on to Brewing the books.
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    Quarterbacks Orange

    To women and children?
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    Multi-sport recruits and counts toward scholarships

    YOU DID!! You just picked up 2--4* for The basketball team, without using a basketball scholarship. The BB Vols are going to be awesome,for the next couple of years!
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    Undisciplined team

    I am not going to talk you down from that ledge... just jump!
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    Kellie’s media presser from earlier today (Saturday)

    Ironically, I watched a replay(I think it was 1998) of Tenn. vs U Conn, last Thursday, and the lady vols had over 20 turnovers. Pat did not call a timeout once, nor get in the face of anyone because of a turnover, (of course the TV cameras do not always catch everything that goes on the bench)...
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    Your thoughts on LSU

    You mean BIG UN'S BOWL?
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    New lockers

    Locker him him up!
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    Georgia fans have officially lost their minds

    A Wolf brother in cheep clothing? Aw come know you want to giggle!
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    UGA collapsing

    Anybody think that Saban will be the new Head Vet in Dawgville?
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    Pick your Poison

    What doesn't get remembered is the fact that Michigan was rated #5 in the country; also Appy ST was a division II school. Who would have thunk it!

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