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    Prediction for 2025

    Do you think either Bezos will leave Georgia or Musk leave Bama?
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    How did you know?

    As with most buttholes, he just couldn't pass the smell test!
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    Henry T officially gone

    Heck.. Be happy if you can get beyond the line of scrimmage, against Bama. He will be surrounded, by talent to the point, that he will shine: as much as I hate to see him go to Bama.
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    Shaka Smart To Marquette

    Barnes was not fired at Texas, because of his coaching. He was fired because he refused to fire an assistant coach that the AD wanted fired. In Barnes opinion there was not ANY reason to fire the assistant, other than the AD's dislike of the assistant. I will applaud any man that has enough...
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    Maybe the NCAA has a bigger fish to fry than UT!

    What's wrong with a big mac with the lettuce on the side?
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    Per Hyams - Tennessee shut down due to Covid

    You are right my friend; but hopefully you might cure stupid, if you take those sugar pills.
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    What does the inside of Josh Heupel's program actually look like?

    My girl friend, is not a fan of my explosiveness, though she brags about my reps.
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    Could be the biggest underachieving team in UT history

    Did the FBI wiretap the BBQ?
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    2021 things

    As my kids would say: are we there yet,.. are we there yet... are we there yet?
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    How old is Chavis now

    Toooo Damn old. Shut it down.
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    Why Corey Walker isn’t playing

    You think that maybe Pon's 4" of hair piled on top of his head, makes Him look taller?
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    Appears that an asst coach and Niedermeyer may be the guilty asst coaches in recruiting violations

    He would have to pay in Dolly's rather than dollars, if he parton them.
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    Bright spot for 2021 recruiting class

    It will certainly change the flow.
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    Coaching change advisory committee.

    The Three Enemigos.

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