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    Coaching change advisory committee.

    The Three Enemigos.
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    So much good young talent

    .. Some teams win.. Some teams don't!
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    Coach Garrett Medenwald Shoots CrossBow in Subdivision

    You would think a 30 year old man would already his know his gender by now. Was it maybe a coming out party?
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    I suspect UK is walking into a hornet's nest Saturday

    I am very skeptical that the game with Bama will even be played. Covid-19 taking over. Two games cancelled this week and probably 3 more the next week.
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    R-E-L-A-X, we are much improved.

    3 times.. Twice at the goal line and once on Tennessee 40yd. line. Ga. lined up thinking it was 3rd down, and when they didn't make it, they turned it over to us. Unfortunately, we still could not score.
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    Just curious if anyone else...

    Heck no, I'm not in your boat... As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of blowing your boat out of the water! Get that Debbie Downer business out of here.
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    UGA Fans May Be the Best

    The end zones are for the paying public. Both sides are now used exclusively for their new Band members. The "skin flute" members have been expanded to 30,000. problem solved.
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    Cade Mays WNML Comment

    Ah Ha, you misspelled Nads!
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    Sanky & the SEC owe us Mays’ Approval

    Sex also starts with a S...but I ain't buying that either!
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    Coach Pruitt on "Scrimmage"

    Leave that stye alone! He is grooming it for left guard to replace Trey Smith in 2021.
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    Finebaum hates us..

    Chick Magnet?
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    Vanderbilt Has Slammed on The Brakes For Football Activities

    You cut yourself shaving this morning? You hurting bad bro!
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    Big ten cancels football

    I'm sure that Ohio St. will advance to the playoff finals with -0- losses
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    Former Vol Coach Bill Battle hospitalized with COVID-19.

    I would be surprised if he survives this. There is no cure for Multiple Myeloma Cancer, even thought the stem cell transplant does help to extend life expectancy; but combined with covid 19 and at his age, would make it that much more likely he won't be able to survive it.
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    Reggie White was dominant

    Reggie led a God centered life, and was a down lineman. LT led a drug centered life and was a linebacker. Should be able to make the decision, as to which of them was the better an easy choice.

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