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    What's the over/under on the fine?

    Probably will be a $50k with warning
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    What's the over/under on the fine?

    Who cares. Grow up. Quit living through others
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    Source of thrown items?

    I’m talking about people throwing them.# of.
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    Worst call in the history of the game [forward progress]

    I honestly believed they were faked out by the statue of Liberty type play and was embarrassed that they didn’t see what happened and made up a BS justification for it
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    Source of thrown items?

    It was about 20-30 water bottles, beer cans, and similar objects from the student sections and about 10 more from the north and west side combined. It wasn’t as bad as portrayed when I watched the tv replay
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    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    Careful Ash will tell you she’s a “moderate” 😂
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    Why we should move Vols back to Neyland East Side

    The heat in early season games bears down on the East side and it looks directly into the sun
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    7 posts lol. Yea “we” 😂
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    I have a feeling you are going to start seeing a lot more of what happened last night

    Sure they did 🙄 ole Miss was full of drunk frat rapists who were acting stupid all day. So come down off the high horse because your daughter went to the enemy school “vol fan”
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    Who has big enough “balls”………

    Not at all
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    Referees caused this mess

    Go away
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    Milton & the last play

    Hell the more I think about it. It would’ve even been better to run up the middle And when you get tackled “fumble” forward into the end zone and hope a Vol falls on it
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    Who has big enough “balls”………

    lol again incorrect
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    Guess you never have sex with your wife? Joking lol
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    Who has big enough “balls”………

    No officers were “killed” by anyone. And yes all that type behavior is retarded. However it’s not as big a deal as some people are making it out to be. Several millennials should’ve attended football games in the 70s and 80s

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