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    Biden's first day in office

    Trump again right GoDucks?
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    Foreshadowing - Pruitt call with Police. Only UT

    We truly have some idiotic fans lol
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    Because that’s how businesses operate
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    Trump Supporters Gathering in D.C. - Mayor Readies for Those ‘Seeking Confrontation’

    Brown admitted to the affair.
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    Clay Travis: "I will donate $1M to UT if they hire Freeze and he doesn't post a 10-win season"

    Go back and learn how to read. I said he’d definitely be here barring a major scandal and guess what? I was right
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    Reparations for Slavery (California)

    Imagine Lebron getting reparations 🙄
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    I don’t like Hugh Freeze’s chances after hearing Randy Boyd today

    I think you need to talk to the people who make the decisions because I’m 100% sure Freeze will never be hired here
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    The Rock has spoken...

    More delusions. We aren’t hiring a losing SEC coach who cheated and embarrassed and sued his former employer
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    The cancel culture is getting out of control

    Lol “needlessly killed”
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    Lol imagine “ending a friendship” over a team’s choice of football coach 😂😂😂🙄
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    exactly. He and Majors both were the most successful coaches we have had since Neyland and both had their faults and their successes but people act overly emotional about them without reason and then blame everyone else for the mediocrity we have had since they both were fired
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    Dan Patrick [cash in McDonald’s bags]

    People are such suckers to believe anything some moron says on twitter
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    Fulmer’s Legacy at Tennessee

    Lol he didn’t “take us” to our lowest points

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