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    2023 Target List

    Did Keon play at EAB?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Im a similar age but became a fan differently. Didn't come from a sports family but I randomly discovered football when at 8 yrs when I was flipping through TV channels. Of course it was the 2004 Florida game where we made that game winner so I was hooked. Asked my dad to take me to a game and I...
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    '22 TX CG Cason Wallace

    Dang hopefully we can pull one of the 5* big men. Maybe take a transfer guard too
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk IV

    Yeah I think a good UNC would be worse for us than what Clemson became
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    '21 Recruiting Forum: Official Bowling Green Pregame/Game Thread

    Who was out that could make a difference on this team? Calloway and Young?
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    '21 Recruiting Forum: Official Bowling Green Pregame/Game Thread

    I am also curious to see if Heupel kept it vanilla on purpose. He did a lot of things at UCF that he didn't show here like wheel routes.
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    '21 Recruiting Forum: Official Bowling Green Pregame/Game Thread

    The groups I thought were the weakest outperformed expectations but the opposite is also true.
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    '22 AL WR Marquarius White (Tennessee commit)

    Just did and you weren't lying
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk III

    Was on the Michigan 247 board to read more about Milton and found this gem “As a BG grad let me warn everyone right now…BGs defense is a hot pile of poo and has more holes than Swiss cheese (entire team is for that matter but that’s another topic / another day) Joe Milton will look like a...
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    Who are your favorite graphic artist (besides yourself? I follow other teams creative design accounts just for those.
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    We get a ton of attention for a “dumpster fire” program. Just saw on another board calling us a “sleeping giant” and to enjoy us sucking while it lasts.
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    ‘21 NY PG Zakai Zeigler (Tennessee Signee)

    “The New Heights Lightning enjoyed a terrific Peach Jam, with the highlight being their wire-to-wire win over future-champion Team Final. The highlight of the "highlight" game was unquestionably the offensive showcase put on by point guard Zakai Zeigler. The 5-foot-10 guard was unconscious from...
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    '22 TN DT Walter Nolen

    Could be a big brain move. The more followers the more he can maximize his NIL brand.

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