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    Is Grant doing double duty?

    I think you may have misread my post..or I was not very clear. I was not telling him he was not funny. I was telling him I find this type of thing humorous, although I dont know why, and was giving props. No feeling of importance here. Nice snarky comment though. 👌
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    Is Grant doing double duty?

    Why this stuff is funny to me is beyond me. But, I salute your sense of humor.
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    Next year's roster

    Can any or all of the freshmen coming in handle the basketball?
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    3 things can salvage the season

    We have no one that can drive to the hoop, to collapse the defense and create open shots. We just pass the ball around until someone jacks up a contested shot with the shot clock winding down. Do they just not have confidence, or ability?
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    No turning this program around.

    OP running toward cliff. Back of shirt says..."UT football doomed forever"...he jumps...he gone.
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    Most Hated Teams Outside The SEC?

    Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, USC, Florida St....will always pull for whoever they are playing. If they play each other..will watch Food Network.
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    Mob Mentality

    I kind of like the overreactions of some people on this board. It's a sort of...comic relief. It's funny to see people jump off the "State of UT Football" cliff. You can easily pick them out as they run toward the cliff with shirts that say "Gruden", "Far Butch", "O Line sucks", "JG Sucks"...
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    HEY...Coach Jeremy Pruitt..?

    ....and cornbread
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    The Official Tennessee @ Missouri Game Thread, 7:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    Thanks. House was sorta crazy and couldn't tell who kicked extra point.
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    ESPN Highlights

    Utsports now has our scoring play highlights near bottom of page.
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    The Official Tennessee @ #9 Florida Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Hey starts soon
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    The Official Tennessee @ #9 Florida Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Senior leader...runs into fair catch..smdh
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    The Official Tennessee @ #9 Florida Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Absolutely no pressure on QB. Defense starts up front. And we suck there.
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    Fulton Falcons

    Go Falcons!

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