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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bama

    Vols 13 Bama 55 Total Offense 188
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    Trey Smith Quote From ESPN Article

    It's not slander if it is factual and if there is actual proof.
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    2 years ago at Alabama halftime

    I'm beginning to think all those "underrated" three stars that Pruitt has signed were NOT underrated. I know I'm nobody important but until something changes I'm done with watching the Vols lose games they should be winning by double digits. Poor coaching, poor personnel, and poor execution is...
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    Vols 41 Ky 17 199 rushing yards
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    I bought into the TVA roadgrader thing again.

    I watched the O line as they struggled yesterday. The thing that stuck out like a sore thumb to me was how little of a push the O line got. They looked just plain "weak." Has the virus kept them from working out in the weight room or what? Big doesn't equal strength. Did anybody else think the...
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    How can you defend JG after this?

    You have to blame the one responsible for leaving him in the game. Even considering then O lines failure, ultimately the QB has to be aware of what is going on around him. One fumble is excusable but four is borderline stupidity. To leave a player in the game that unaware is on the coach. I'm so...
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    The Official #14 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    I don't know who to yell at. The O line, the QB, the coaches or the DB's. We had them on the ropes then somebody or everybody quit doing their job. The D is exhausted so it's about to get ugly. Just frustrated and need to vent.
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    It's our ballgame!

    I kind of wish you hadn't said anything about a brick wall. Don't go getting mad I'm just razzing you.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    Vols 38 Uga-ly 24 Palmer 114 yards.
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    Cade Mays CLEARED by NCAA

    The pony express was faster than what's going on with this issue. Must have had to run it by "the big 3's" offices. It was the "big 4" but Mississippi State took care of one of them.
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    First game win with half the practices needed. Just take it and run with it.

    I remember the 1998 season well. Several games was handed to the Vols on a platter. You have to figure a way to win the ugly ones as wells as the curb stomping's. I yelled at the tv (much to my wife's amusement) all night but in the end I enjoyed the win.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Missouri

    Vols 49 Mizz 16 306 passing yards
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    Georgia looks bad

    Was Felipe Franks a Grad Transfer or what? Didn't he leave the Gators after the third game of the season last year? I don't know if the one year rule is calendar year or 12 games? I'm almost positive he was listed as a Senior.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: South Carolina

    Vols 41 SC 17 189 Rushing yards
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    Jake Fromm 2.0

    Just watched Georgia commit QB Brock Vandergriff's game and I kept getting flashbacks of Jake Fromm. With pressure he was erratic and inaccurate. Just an observation with my orange colored glasses. Anybody else watch the game? What were your observations?

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