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    Would you root for Florida to destroy us?

    I’ll never root for Florida to beat the Vols.
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    2020 NFL Season Thread

    I wonder how the Broncos will deal with their QB situation? I guess they will have to use a running back or receiver at the QB postion and run the ball primarily.
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    The Official Detroit Lions Den Thread

    Congratulations on the firing, I'm sure all of you Lions fans are relieved. I'll be interested to see who replaces Patricia and Quinn.
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    NCAA pick'em week 12

    1. Penn St @ Michigan 2. Virginia (UVA) @ Florida St. (FSU) 3. Northwestern @ Michigan St. 4. Colorado @ Southern Cal (USC) 5. Georgia @ South Carolina 6. Texas Tech @ Oklahoma St. 7. Kansas St. @ Baylor 8. Ohio St. @ Illinois 9. Pittsburgh @ Clemson 10. Auburn @ Alabama 11. LSU @ Texas A&M...
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    Our offensive strategy...when something works, stop doing it.

    I had a bad feeling when he was standing flat footed and staring a hole in the receiver. It’s so frustrating to repeatedly watch a QB gift points to the other team.
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    Be careful what we wish for

    Both CZ and Ruger make a nice rifle. I don't know as much about the semi-auto 512, but the CZ bolt action rimfires are excellent (they are typically very accurate, have good triggers, and barrels can be swapped easily). I have a CZ 455 Varmint that is a great shooter. It has an attractive wood...
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    Week 11 NCAA pick'em 21 Nov

    1. Indiana @ Ohio St. 2. Georgia Tech @ Miami (Fl) 3. Missouri @ South Carolina 4. Virginia Tech (VPI) @ Pittsburgh 5. Mississippi St. @ Georgia 6. Southern Cal (USC) @ Utah 7. Kansas St. @ Iowa St. 8. Wisconsin @ Northwestern 9. Tennessee @ Auburn 10. Ole Miss @ Texas A&M 11. Oklahoma St. @...
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    Week 10 NCAA pick'em-14 Nov.

    1. Miami (Fl) @ Virginia Tech (VPI) 2. Wisconsin @ Michigan 3. Indiana @ Michigan St. 4. Southern Cal (USC) @ Arizona 5. Baylor @ Texas Tech 6. Northwestern @ Purdue 7. TCU @ West Virginia (WVA) 8. Penn St. @ Nebraska 9. Oregon @ Washington St. 10. Iowa @ Minnesota 11. Vanderbilt @ Kentucky 12...
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    2020 NFL Season Thread

    Yeah, the Jets are miserably bad. They should have won that game but gave it away. However, they’re better off going winless at this point. If you are going to be bad, might as well be REALLY bad and get in better draft position.
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    Hail to the Football Team

    I just read that the Allen injury was a dislocated ankle and a small fracture.
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    Michigan vs Indiana

    I looked it up. He is making 6 million per year for the 2020-2021 seasons. His buyout would have been 12 million at the start of the year.
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    #25 Liberty (5-0) vs Virginia Tech (4-2) (12PM ET, ACCN)

    Even for an NFL kicker the hit percentage is probably not that high.

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