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    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    I don’t want him really. Its not that I think that he won’t be a great QB, but the Vol faithful’s expectations would crush the kid. I love Peyton, but the hero worship can be cringeworthy. Kaden’s dad is one of the best and the winningest QB to wear the T, but no matter how many stars he has by...
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    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    Kiffin has offered again. He has offers on the table from Ole Miss, Kentucky, Alabama, Duke, and West VA. Lane Kiffin offers Tee Martin's talented son
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    Recruiting a worry

    If you are in the Top 10 going by multiple services, you are doing fine recruiting wise. Using 247 composite is fine, but since Scout went under there are only three services that register- so if one of them severely underrates your class it affects your ranking (ESPN this year). This class...
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    Why is it that a fired HC doesn't get many second chances?

    Fulmer could’ve had a job at a lower level Power Conference school had he put the effort in to pursue a job instead of not wanting to put in the time required.
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    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    Kid is legit.
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    '17 GA QB Chase Brice

    To be fair, check Peyton’s stats against Vandy his last 3 years. They were abysmal. Not using it to defend or compare, but it’s not a great example.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Early Signing Period needs to die. I know it would be difficult with all the early enrollees but it’s too easy to manipulate the system and falls right in bowl season when coaches have a lot more to worry about.
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    '20 TN DE Jay Hardy (Auburn commit)

    Damn that McCallie education paying off.
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    Eric Gray - 2020

    hate to burst some bubbles here Jarrett Guarantano is returning to Tennessee for final season of eligibility
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    Trey Smith Press Conference

    Shuler but he was leaving.
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    Trey Smith Press Conference

    Difference is the Mannings has the financial security for Peyton not to have to worry about returning. No idea about the Smith family and am not speculating on that, but Peyton didn’t have to worry the same way a lot of other kids did. He could go with his heart and not look back. It was great...
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    UGA collapsing

    FLA will be the favorites. UGA was bad on offense this year. There will be worse next year. Great on defense, but you gotta score points to win a football game.
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    '22 TN QB Kaden Martin (Legacy)

    If this kid plays football, he’s a must.
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    Mike Leach accepted the UT Job, then we withdrew the offer... Let that sink in

    I’d rather have crabs than Butch or Dooley.
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    Mike Leach accepted the UT Job, then we withdrew the offer... Let that sink in

    Leach has lost multiple games to Division 1AA teams, so I wouldn’t bet on that.

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