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    Heupel: There’s nothing like running through the T in Neyland Stadium.

    wait a minute, he has not tried my grandma's sausage gravy poured over a hot biscuit or a bowl of grits...just sayin'
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    Non Conference Rival

    I'd vote for Nawth C'lina....just for bragging rights vs my old HS buddies when UT whoops em!
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    Is this a new UNI?

    and then there's Penn State's em or not, they don't change as far as I can recall
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    The perfect day….

    item #3 is my second favorite
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    Degenerate gamblers

    I thought this was about Ellen Degenerate
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    Big Orange Hangout

    You are one busy young man....awesome!
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    USC and UCLA to leave Pac 12 for Big Ten

    at least those four schools are in the 'Southeast'
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    Will the SEC seek to expand now?

    me. too, but if it happens i hope they can salvage a decent group to play against
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    Will the SEC seek to expand now?

    I could see them joining ECU, Maryland, WVU, Wake & Appy State possibly in a football conference
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    Will the SEC seek to expand now?

    but NC State's football stadium is a great place for tailgating!
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    THE Ohio State

    I remember back in the 60's ClemPson came out with a bumper sticker that read 'Clemson IS the University of South Carolina'
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    Heupel interview with ESPN

    I'm thinking that the glass is too big to start with....;)
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    New ACC Schedule in 2023

    but I do like the ClemPson match-up each year

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