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    Fleschman put on scholarship for the semester

    Give me a Cinnabon. All day, Err Day.
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    Fleschman put on scholarship for the semester

    Let him play. Knock down a couple three balls. Kid can shoot. At this point, it isn't gonna hurt.
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    Harrison Bailey: Is he benefitting from exceptional talent around him? Or is he the real deal?

    Can I call dibs on Harrison4Heisman as my new screen name before @k-town_king changes his?
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    Vandy hilarity

    I did. I actually find it somewhat impressive that its only 3 schools to still have that streak going. two schools..
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    Twitter champions here?

    You ever gonna admit that you may be wrong about JG? Or that you are D4H? You would gain a lot of respect if you could acknowledge JG's faults and have a rational discussion.
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    Twitter champions here?

    People are idiots. You need to realize that prior to opening a twitter account. Doesnt condone the morons who trash a kid, but at the same time if you are a public figure and voluntarily post your life, you have to be able to handle to trolls and idiots of this world.
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    Tom Mars, Attorney For Cade Mays Interview

    Just tell the NCAA he is playing for OSU and he will be granted immediate eligibility
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    Worst basketball team since

    This team is like my first time. Got the D, but cant seem to give any O.
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    How long before VN goes loco??

    As opposed to a 3rd year starting 5th year senior who has proven he can't play at championship levels and still can't read defenses? See Alabama game for one of many references. Time to move on from JG....
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    Plavsic Cleared?!

    Kesling will pronounce it Erros Plaidstitch. Or Evos Purositch. Bob is the worst. He needs to go away
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    It’s the off season so let’s pass the time...tell your most prized UT possession.

    I have Carl Pickens locked up in my basement. I'd probably grab him and save him. On the real, ive got a small little trophy that commemorates the 1939 unscored on team that belonged to my grandfather. If I can find it, ill post a picture. Its O L D.
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    Per ESPN recruiting rankings...

    I expect Gray to have a monster season next year. Chandler, Jordan and Fils-Amie should have great production too if Oline is dominant
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    Per ESPN recruiting rankings...

    Wasn't Trey Smith a Butch recruit? (Im not a butch fan for the record)
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    Excited about the win

    Hate to be a pessimist here, but typically it seems when a team is without their best player, someone else has a all-time career game vs Tennessee. Tn has a unique knack for making all-americans out of nobodies. (football and basketball)
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    Cade Mays transfer appeal!

    Somebody's been sippin on grandpa's old cough medicine apparently.

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