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    John. Wilkerson is the best play by play guy in the State.

    For those who say the don't get the Bob hate. Nobody hates him. He is just lousy at his job. His job is to paint a picture of what is happening on the field, court and relay the score and time remaining. He fails at each of those. He is paid by UT but he tries too hard to remain neutral. He's...
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    How bad was Will Friend

    That's not Mahoney
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    Shaka Smart To Marquette

    This. Auburn dared the NCAA, same way LSU did. NCAA ain't gonna do anything. No Cojones At All
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    Tyler Summit or Stevie Pearl
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    Most other schools, that would be correct. However, we have Bob. Rarely know the score or time left.
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    So I am looking over my NCAA Bracket

    I've got TN winning game one but losing game two. When is the last time they won two games in a row? Edit...I guess they did have a 2 game streak vs Florida and then Florida again before they collapsed against Bama.
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    So I am looking over my NCAA Bracket

    Only if Anthony Jordan is their ref.
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    The problem with Vitale calling TN games is that if we mute and sync up the radio call we are stuck with awful Bob Kesling. It's like picking between explosive diarrhea or explosive diarrhea.
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    Honestly...No matter what Fulky says, that guy will forever be defined by that one act. Especially amongst TN fans. It was a punk/thug move. Wouldn't bother me a bit if the guy never suits up for organized ball again.
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    SEC Tourney Day 1 Postgame Report

    Pat Adams is one of the most biased and worse officials. I despise when he calls UT games
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    SEC Tourney Day 1 Postgame Report

    That was easily the most blatant, malicious play I've ever seen in college basketball. I'm still unsure what triggered that fool to knock out Fulky. Loved the intensity today. If not for Mann lighting up the Vols in the second half, it would have been a blowout
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    John Fulkerson Injury

    There are some morons in this thread. If anyone feels that was a typical bang-bang play with no malicious intent, you need to be knocked up the side the head yourself. Dude should be kicked off the team. That's assault anywhere in public.
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    Best And Worst Non SEC Cities

    Founders Brewery is there as well. Solid place
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    Trouble In Texas

    You are started long before. But social media has taken the regional cancel culture and turned into a national and worldwide culture. Twitter is the gasoline on the flame of that culture.
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    Trouble In Texas

    Social Media is the downfall of human civilization. Too many PC folks with Twitter who just look for things to get bent out of shape over.

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