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    FCS Football

    Bama and Florida are licking their chops hoping to schedule one of these teams.....
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    Bowl games , Playoff

    You are forgetting Notre Dame is ACC this year. They could lose five games and still make the playoffs with all their jacked up, biased rules.
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    The SEC is trying to form a super-conference with the ACC and Big12

    If Ohio State or Clemson were to join, I bet the bammers would request to add ETSU and UAB . They will immediately make them "traditional rivals".
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    JG wants to play

    For those getting their lady undergarments in a previous post was in jest. Calm down. I'm glad JG is wanting to play. The kid puts in hard work and wants to do well. It is funny how any mention of JG is a bat signal to certain obsessive fans who claim to be a fan of the team and not...
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    JG wants to play

    Irony.....We've been waiting for him to an SEC QB
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    Breaking: Vols’ schedule additions

    Keep posting it. It's not that strong of an argument. You are acting like a three game swing is some monumental change in the power dynamics. For the record ...I think TNs schedule is as fair as they could get. They just played Miss St, so that wasn't gonna happen. Glad they didn't get LSU...
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    Breaking: Vols’ schedule additions

    No....expect to see some very bogus and biased officiating to ensure one team runs the table.
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    Kicking Vandy out of SEC???

    I was simply implying that UCF offers more competitive football than Vandy. As does GT. Ideally, I'd prefer a Virginia Tech, UNC, Clemson or Duke. Or even Florida State. Un-wad your panties and put em back on now.
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    Kicking Vandy out of SEC???

    Kick out Vandy. Pick up UCF or bring back GA Tech. (Clemson wouldn't leave, neither would UNC) Redefine the regions to actually match geography. Forget about Traditional rivalries. EAST: Florida, Georgia, TN, SC, Ky, Auburn, and UCF/GT WEST: Bammers, LSU, miss at, ole miss, TA&M, Mizzou, Arky
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    Harvey Updyke dead at 71

    What are the odds a redneck Auburn fan plants an oak tree in his grave?
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    Breaking: SEC Approves Conference Only Schedule - Season starts Sep 26

    What are the odds that Florida will somehow avoid traveling to the northern, more colder climate venues during late October/November/December? Their history suggests they will avoid if possible
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    Anyone read KNS story on JG today?

    Hope it's true. John Adams is a DBag for what it's worth though.
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    Good thing about youtube

    To Ronald Davis I believe. I also seem to remember a TN WR (Cory Fleming maybe?) Chasing down a GA defender after TN turned it over. He cause th GA player to fumble and took it right back, giving TN a fresh set of downs too
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    JG’s Growth at QB

    I truly hope he does. Hope he has a Crompton-esque transformation. He's a good kid. I think he deserves some redemption and success.
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    JG’s Growth at QB

    All of us who discuss JGs flaws (in addition to BM and JTS) are JG Haters, or Never JGers as Pulaski likes to call it. I've only seen this type of unbelievable obsession over a college kid one other D4H. I sometimes wonder if K-town and D4H are one in the same as well. Their...

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