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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    This ref blew calls all day. She should be relieved of her duties. Or Fired. Whichever comes first.
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    SC will not play UCONN

    If you think the officiating in Athens was bad, wait till we go to Columbia…
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    Game Thread: (5/6) Lady Vols 63 - (13/13) Georgia 55

    Emily came in and they quit looking for Staiti.
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    Game Thread: (5/6) Lady Vols 63 - (13/13) Georgia 55

    Way to beat 8!
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    Tonight’s Games 1-20-22

    Not now. UGA collapse.
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    Tonight’s Games 1-20-22

    What’s going on in Lexington? Read some discontent with Elzy on a UK forum after the loss to us. Looks like she has lost her team. Have they quit or is Florida that good?
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    Game Thread: (5/6) Lady Vols 63 - (13/13) Georgia 55

    Staiti is playing better this year than ever. I am not convinced that Tamari won’t have her hands full if she can go with a sore ankle. Healthy it’s advantage Tamari. Key and Horston gotta stay out of foul trouble. I don’t have a clue how this one is gonna go. With Key reasonably close to 100%...
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    Game Thread: (5/6) Lady Vols 84 - (19/20) Kentucky 58

    Sometimes I can sometimes I can’t. I stream the game on hulu. I stream Mickey thru the UTSports site. Sometimes the audio is way too far ahead, sometimes I have to momentarily pause the video to let the audio catch up. Usually have to tweak for a few min, then after halftime tweak more...
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    Game Thread: (5/6) Lady Vols 84 - (19/20) Kentucky 58

    Watched the game yesterday with Vol Network sound. Watched again today with Carolyn Peck. Holy cow, if UK had listened to Peck and just gave the ball to Howard every possession and got out of the way, she would have scored 100 points and got every rebound. All she talked about.She kinda changed...
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    Tennessee Lady Vol News

    Yeah, he is the biggest waste of ESPN $$$ for sure.
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    Jordan Walker

    She is a dang good rebounder for a little feller, too.
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    Kellie Harper press interview

    I think Kellie is having a blast. I think the coaching staff is having a blast, the players are having a blast, I am for sure enjoying this year. It was unexpected after Burrell was injured. you can read here and see the rising positivity within the program and the fan base.
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    Game Thread: (7/8) Lady Vols 73 - (25/23) Texas A&M 45

    When Key doesn’t get in early foul trouble, she is virtually unstoppable. Tonight she got in a little early foul trouble and was still virtually unstoppable. I sure am glad Burrell is back. I think that takes some pressure off Horston and she plays better. They seem to get better every game.
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    Is Striplin hurt?

    Not on the court at all yesterday.
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    2022 Recruits


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