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    Duke NC Game has NYSE Impact

    I guess it is too late to short sell a couple thousand shares
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    Same Florida that Vols where up 6 at half

    There are times when it is ok to weasel 0ut of a wager....BUCK FAMA
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    Spurrier gonna Spurrier

    yeah, he is still a quitter....ask the whole state of S. Carolina
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    New Revealing Article Re: Hurd

    I am glad Jalen did not fall on his helmet, as others have
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    For those of you who love to quote recruiting rankings in football...

    well there you go, coaching must matter
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    Keeping up with the transfers

    I grew up in Hendersonville and my sister is a I have a small amount of infinity for APSU.. I watched it on ESPN.....That said I live in Springfield, Illinois and when the GOV'S beat the Illini in the NCAA tourney, Pure Gold
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    Does anyone remember when Ernie shot Bernie's free throws at Rupp?

    The Daily Beacon had a cartoon by Dan Batey It showed the President of UK screaming at JOE B "I don't care how many games you win, If you don't beat Tennessee your a** is fired" Good Times....Howard Wood beating them at the buzzer man good days for sure
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    Keeping up with the transfers

    McGhee looked smooth last night in Clarksville, but that guy from Murray State....Morant wow.....
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    Bob Kesling

    Not a fan of Bert.....I get the VFL thing, but screaming "MONEY" really isn't commentary....kind of old and tired like Chris Berman....I am a fan of Bob though, however it is more from Hess Hall days than him being the voice of the Vols
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    That Fulkerson dunk tho

    even I, the most cynical person in the world, read that as a blue font.....relax please you might just miss a great basketball season
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    Haslam Pulling Pilot Flying J Sponsorship From ESPN and SEC

    I thought any publicity was good publicity.....Truth must have really hurt
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    Bring on Kentucky

    please please please don't make me have to listen to Dick Vitale
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    A 24 game warmup

    Monkey stomp???? I would not call kentucky a bunch of monkeys.....I like monkeys
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    Citrus Bowl

    that was before Spurrier spelled quitter
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    David Williams (Former Vanderbilt AD)

    I feel for James Franklin it will be short period of sympathy for Franklin but Coach Franklin sure did turn ole Vandy around

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