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    Is it unusual......

    If Meyer goes to Southern Cal, his first order of business will be to welcome OJ back
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    Lipscomb in the NIT Semis

    Go BISON
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    Why I can’t watch the Vols with anyone.

    I am always bust changing my VOL-gear because what I have on is bad luck
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    I need some advice for Thursday --- HELP

    I will take her.....
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    Vandy student paper wants Becky Hammon as mens head coach......

    There were alot of folks around Knoxville who thought Pat Summitt should coach the men's program.....
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    Breaking Down Purdue

    where is McGee's Pub?
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    Alexander fouling out.. (theory)

    the earth was once to be thought of as flat....theory
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    Breaking: Major press conference tomorrow , more names/schools in Nike scandal

    This week-end just seems to be getting better for the Donald
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    Barkley and Kenny Smith equal terrible crew...

    Barkley is a treasure,
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    I live in Lafayette, IN. AMA!

    I think Butler
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    I live in Lafayette, IN. AMA!

    Hey can I borrow $20
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    The Official #2 vs. #10 Iowa NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 12:10 PM ET, CBS

    we are starting to sound like a bunch of kentucky whiners
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    We blew a 25 point lead?

    I'm excited that we HAD a 25 point lead
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    We should emulate North Carolina

    i will sign up to deliver the dirty ca$h to the bought players.....

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