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    What’s your prediction for Saturday’s game with Kentucky: W or L?

    Tennessee will give them their worse loss this year. Terrible match up for KY. What we do good, they do bad
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    Tenn: 52 UK: 14 Yards: 70
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    Watching with a Bama fan tonight? wife
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    Who has big enough “balls”………

    Except for the whole not one policeman was murdered issue. But yes, the NCAA and SEC seem to treat Tennessee like they’ve committed the sin of being of the wrong party, so maybe I see your analogy.
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    Gruden till it ain’t
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    2020 Presidential Race

    The 2018 Election Interference EO is coming
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    2020 Presidential Race

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    2020 Presidential Race

    This Mattis?
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    Maurer transferring [fake news]

    Fingers crossed. I would’ve thought he’d been Chaneys favorite giving his intangibles. Looks like the guy who holds a **** tin of records from the last time Chaney was here
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    The Official #18 Tennessee vs. Kentucky Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    JG is going to get him fired. You’ve got to move on at this point
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Kentucky

    Tenn: 41 UK: 14 Yards: 108
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    Scrimmage Today (10/11)

    I haven’t even tried to keep up this year. I’ve been bummed since the announcement that eligibility is waived, meaning another year to spend in gitmo
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    Scrimmage Today (10/11)

    Will there be any press access at the scrimmage today?
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    Maurers ex gf airing out laundry

    Also, watch how much more Maurer was trusted to throw the ball by play calling vs when JG went in. Sometimes he should’ve checked in to run plays, but they had no problem with him airing it out.

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