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    Why dont fans support this program no matter how bad the times get?

    It's been too long man. We're tired.
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    Trask vs JG (Season vs Career TDs)

    That's a painful stat. Pathetic really.
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    CFN Auburn game prediction

    Why do I have a feeling of dread when thinking about the Vols playing ANYONE? Sucks, anyway, Auburn is going to WOFA.
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    The Statistical Decline of JG

    I think it's a combination of JG just isn't good and Weinke. Jared Goff was horrible for the Rams while Weinke was his coach and now he's one of the better NFL QB's IMO.
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    We learned how to win last year....what the he** changed?

    I'm asking myself the same. How are we this bad? We haven't been serious contenders for anything since 2001.
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    The Official Tennessee vs. #2 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 ET, CBS

    Bama is toying with us like it's a scrimmage. Sad to watch.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Bama

    Vols - 3 Gump - 42 yards - 203
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    Bama @ UT will be the 3:30 CBS game

    Another treat from Danielson!
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    Offensive Line stinks

    Back to Earth. It was glorious for a half. O line was disappointing.
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    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    Vols - 28 GA - 22 Palmer - 76
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    What Other Message Boards are Saying-UGA

    I think CJP will have the guys ready to go. This team doesn't quit. The streak proves it.
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    I still don't understand all the animosity toward Butch Jones

    He's in the UT record books. For all the wrong reasons.
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    Ansley and staff met with The Chief

    CHIEF!!! Glad to see him around. No matter what, he was the DC when were at our best.
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    Jeff Hall is educating the Knoxville Chapter of TN Society of CPAs today.

    I would've gone broke too at 20 years old and someone gave me a million. That is if I didn't die, I would have been broke. Life is a lot different now.

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