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    Betting odds suggest Milton is the favorite to start at QB

    Just a matter of time before someone wants to pole the board to see how old it gets and someone responds they could care less! :D
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    What would you personally give for 5 straight seasons of 10 Wins or more??

    This all day! After the past decade and a half of getting kicked in the nads, they owe the fans that stuck around.
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    UT Receiver Jalin Hyatt On 2021 SEC Cover of Athlon Magazine

    Coloring books rule, but; they have a hard time staying inside the lines and usually eat the brighter colored crayons.
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    Salter charged with misdemeanor

    LOL, that made me laugh! A solid post IMO!
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    Let’s Play QB Pros and Cons Game.

    LOL! Must admit, that made me chuckle.
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    Transition difficulty

    Eric Westmoreland, Eddie Moore, Cedric Wilson, Juan Jennings are some that were great conversions that I can think of.
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    Bigger disappointment Rogers or Banks @ WR ?

    I'll admit my favorite play by Banks was when he lost his balance or something while lined up as a receiver and he froze and just went over sideways like a mannequin. Solid discipline to not move, minus the original balance loss. LOL!
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    Henry T's Cousin Fires Back

    What happened? I believe he's still around, just not coaching anymore.
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    Black Stripes

    Huh, Huh , he said "BUTT"!
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    *****Official 2021 Orange and White Game Thread

    They've been on the field the whole game.
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    Joe Milton coming to UT? (transfer from Mich)

    8 straight 3 & Outs? I speculate we have us a Championship/World Beater level DEFENSE! WOO HOO, GBO!!
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    Greatest Vol NFL player other than

    Dang, I should have read the first post!:oops: I'm an idiot!
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    Greatest Vol NFL player other than

    I didn't see it mentioned anywhere, but; how about Reggie White?
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    Football lingo - are we outdated?

    Just wonderin about the lingo we use. Beat me to it.

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