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    Regression in 2022

    No way, with the majority of the offense coming back and weaker schedule next year we win 9-10 games next year. We will pick up some defensive players in the portal.
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    UT Billboard

    Not trying to give Butch any credit, but he did something similar to this back in his days and it seemed to work very positive in recruiting middle Tennessee. This tactic seems broader and should have a bigger regional pull.
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    '22 JUCO S Marquise Gilbert (Auburn commit)

    Committing to a football team with no QB or Starting RB, kids is not too bright 🤦🏻‍♂️
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    Should be pretty packed. I couldn’t find any hotel rooms downtown. Our tickets are double the price for the same seats versus Pitt.
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    Could Jack Jancek Be A Pleasant Surprise?

    He played well in the O/W game this Spring. I believe he snagged a couple TD’s.
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    Ban idiots and beer sales from Neyland

    Just to be clear, they were throwing mainly water bottles onto the field not empty beer cups 😏
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    Guess first play call?

    Hand off up the middle, duhhh.
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    This game could define our season.

    Don’t turn the ball over and limit the penalties and we win……
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    Noon game
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    CBS: Who wants a game on CBS

    F#ck CBS! It’s us against the World baby!

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