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    I know I will get laughed at

    Legit question, I didn’t know either 🤣
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    Do we want Florida to win or lose tomorrow?

    I want FLA to get their teeth kicked in.
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    4-8, 5-7 or 6-6?

    With Milton, 4-8. With Hooker, 7-5.
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    Harrison Bailey

    I read on another site that the coaches are trying to Redshirt him and he is ok with it.
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    Tyler Bray on taking money and fighting with Dooley

    How long did Tee Martin last in the NFL?
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    Projected depth chart vs. Bowling Green

    Looks good but need to switch Tillman and Payton.
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    Brian Maurer may be gone?

    He could prob go to Memphis and be the starter.
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    RB depth chart?

    Small (Doak Walker List) Evans Wright
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    Eric Gray may be our kryponite in future recruiting

    Not likely. Kennedy Brooks is their starter and is expected to have a phenomenal year.
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    Instant impact players of 2021

    Roman Harrison and Velus Jones Jr
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    Henry T officially gone

    Bailey gonna thrive on throwing slants against Bama😎
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    *****Official 2021 Orange and White Game Thread

    Boom! 70 yard TD pass from HB
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    NCAA Changes OT Rules

    Saban approves....

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