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    Kennedy Chandler's future? [drafted No.38 to Memphis]

    I think this might be tougher for KC than some are thinking. Isn't TyTy and KC competing to back up Ja? Seems to me the Grizz won't eventually keep one of these guys. What am I missing, Delmar?
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    Blake Burke appreciation thread

    Swing reminds me of Will Clark of many years ago.
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    Sick of all these SEC teams in WS

    People post an opinion on this site then get roasted FOR AN OPINION! Get over it. Some people may not agree with you Einsteins.
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    Sick of all these SEC teams in WS

    TV is a great coach and I want him to stay many years. How do you get that I want a new coach? He's the best we ever had. He just won't get a NC here. The question was asking about a NC here. You yourself state "so what if we never win a NC" Dude, that was the question. You're quite good at...
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    Sick of all these SEC teams in WS

    Barnes and Vitello definitely will not win NC here. We haven't shown that we are smart enough under pressure for that. Still a chance with Harper and Heupel.
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    Curt Schilling On Tennessee

    He's 100% correct. Love the Vols, but they often reminded me of Barry Bonds and his teams, except we couldn't walk the walk. Anderson, Gilbert, and Beck got us to the brink, but then 2 of them bailed, couldn't walk the walk (disappointingly). P.S. - TV also blinked, with his poor pitching...
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    Team News (current roster)

    Wait...... is that Uros attempting to dunk!!!
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    The Dugout - General Topics and Chat

    Just gonna be tough watching 3 or 4 SEC teams in the WS and Tn not one of them. Chances are excellent that the SEC again will win the WS. Two years in a row that TN COULDA won the WS. Once again the best team in the country won't win the WS.
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    Where is the Notre Dame smack?

    Hope Evan is ready, they're gonna try to steal after every hit. This team is dangerous for UT. Junkball pitchers and base stealers - we have shown some weaknesses in both areas. GBO!!
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    All Beck related discussions from last night (merged)

    Well, he was just acknowledging that they disrespected him by playing him shallow and this is what happens when you do that..... You get burned (this old farts remembrances of times past). Do they use that expression "getting burned" anymore?
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    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    I'm expecting a 30 HR season out of this guy soon. Am I out of line on this?
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Alabama State Regional Game Thread Friday June 3rd (6PM EST SEC NETWORK)

    Well, you gotta be a decent looking guy, too!!! Just pitching won't cut it for some of us!
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    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Alabama State Regional Game Thread Friday June 3rd (6PM EST SEC NETWORK)

    Caution grasshopper! Don't take anyone for granted. I don't want to play Campbell.
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    New future Vol!

    A wonderful story Topdog. Glad all is well for the time being and prayers for the family for the future!
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    '22 NY PF Tobe Awaka (Tennessee commit)

    any thoughts on Awaka out there?

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