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    "Hooker's injury not long term." - CJH

    Depends on how much money you got.
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    If you're sitting in the stands with your 3,4,5 star son and see what transpired last night. Are you sure you want him to be playing at a school where he could be injured by something other than the game?
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    Guess the first offensive (TN) play of the game!

    Velus Jones returns the opening kickoff for a touchdown
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    Game Week

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    Tomorrow’s Headline Today

    Don't laugh, it's Bama
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    Nominations for the new Heupel offense

    Heupel drive offense- going at hyper speed
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    Poll Season Length and Playoff Teams

    I'd rather see an 8 team playoff. Power 5 conference champions, top team from group of 5 (let the little guys have a chance) and 2 at-large teams ( best of the P5 conference championship game losers and maybe Norte Dame... maybe)
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    Which game are you most excited for this season?

    All of them....... it's Tennessee Football
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    Dre Brown (Vols director of recruiting) to Notre Dame

    Angelia Brummett Thought she was Director of Recruiting
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    What team do you like to watch besides the Lady Vols

    Coach Barnes and the Vols;)

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