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    Jack Jones' football camp

    He is a good kid and I love his parents after spending time with them at a wedding. (Full UT football wedding experience)
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    Leaving our guy Chris Burke out of the equation, what CBB analysts…

    I'll be honest. I still enjoy most games on mute.
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    Vollie Fingers Jerseys

    I love Kirby coming out to first base to get the runner's gear and being one of the first to congratulate the team coming off of the field after retiring the side!!! He seems to be a TEAM PLAYER!... which is what we want!!!! the Oakland A's were a favorite of mine because of the mustaches...
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    It's bigger than football -Trey Smith-

    Thanks for sharing! Great family. My kids go to his high school. USJ in Jackson,TN. I am SO glad he received the support he needed and deserved at UT. Great man!
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    Vitello says "our players are jealous" of football players!

    Question: I notice that all of the Baseball TV games seem to be prescheduled. Why can't they change those to get the #1 team off of SEC+? In Football, they readily alter schedules to get High Profile games on "better" channels. I assume that UT Baseball viewership is pretty good, and the...
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    The robbery was number 4 on ESPN top 10 tonight

    OK, but Common Taters are Commonly irritating (to me). I watch a majority of sports with the sound off. It irritates my wife, so somebody is bound to be irritated with the sound on or off........ If she is watching with me, you can easily guess which I choose. Probably started when I grew up in...
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    The robbery was number 4 on ESPN top 10 tonight

    My favorite quote from the Common Taters was in the top of the 9th when one said their pitcher "has command of the situation". Our next 6 batters reached base and tied the game.
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    Caption This Photo

    Jeffrey Macias; "I insured that UT lost to Texas & bama while I was calling behind the plate, but the sinister plans I had for game #2 seem to have backfired."
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    Caption This Photo

    I noticed that Jeffrey Macias has the number 66 on his umpire costume.... Can somebody please photoshop the extra 6 that must have fallen off of his costume please?
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    4 things I could go without hearing again…

    I watch most Basketball & Football with the sound off as well. [I started that when Howard Cosell did Monday nights and I would listen to the radio and watch the TV.] My wife hates it, but I rarely enjoy listening to the Common Taters on TV.
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    Playing time: Nkauhoma, Powell, and BHH

    I agree and am not sure why Bailey is in the starting rotation.......I'm not sure of a lot of things though.
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    In case you haven't noticed, we're on the move -2022 Rankings-

    There are many ways to evaluate recruiting by the teams that are winning, as well as the hottest newest coaches. One thing that we have to consider is what comes first: the Chicken or the Egg? Winning or recruiting? I know that is an over simplification that also fits with: "the rich get...
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    4 things I could go without hearing again…

    It's very helpful for VEScovi and Chandler to go against Ziegler in practice, because he is so quick.

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