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    This just makes to much sense: Pruitt next Co DC at Ohio State.

    71 year old Greg Mattison retired on Friday. Pruitt was not a good HC but he is a very good DC who would be an asset to any team he goes to in that capacity. kerry Coombs is the other DC who is a whiz in the secondary and Pruitt would be a great fit for the front 7. It just makes a lot of sense.
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    To’o To’o, Crouch, Gray and Johnson enter the transfer portal

    Betcha Greg Schiano is LHAO off right now saying 'Couldn't have happened to a nicer fan base".... since his character was so shamefully and erroneously assassinated. Lucky for him that he didn't get the job.
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    Urban Meyer to Jaguars

    I like Urban, but I think he is a CFB coach. We will see what kind of X and O coach he really is because most of the time in CFB he simply overwhelmed teams, as evidenced by his 7 years at OSU and a (83-9) record. Heck, he'll probably have that many losses his 1st year in Jax..... Losing is a...
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    AV dropping discouraging news...

    They have been doing that for 7-8 years now.... maybe for the last 20 years.
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    Late Kick Live “Tennessee in Trouble”

    You people are something... you'd hire anybody, except Schiano, of course, and all he's done is get Rutgers on the right track... First it was Gruden, who has barely won half his games, and is below that if you take out that one season. Then it was Leach. Entertaining character, but I wouldn't...
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    Luke Fickell (merged)

    You must...or you wouldn't be commenting with a lame quote.
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    NCAA National Championship game -11 Jan

    If Tommy Togiai plays and OSU's DLINE is intact that will make the biggest difference. The Samoan is the strongest man on the team and has a relentless motor at nose tackle. They have to create pressure like they did against Clemson'. It will come down to who has the most possessions. With...
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    FWIW ....Meyer planning on coaching the Jaguars

    Day is more than a good coach having gone to last years semi-final and this years final with a 23-1 record... He's 41 years old and says he really loves recruiting.
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    FWIW ....Meyer planning on coaching the Jaguars

    Even if he does hate it he sure is good at it. From what I've read and heard he is well liked by recruits and players alike...
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    FWIW ....Meyer planning on coaching the Jaguars

    I don't know...I also think he would be crazy to leave that Ferrari job, and he's also a fantastic recruiter, just as good as Meyer, maybe better... If I was the Jags I would be on the phone with him night and day as he is a great coach.
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    FWIW ....Meyer planning on coaching the Jaguars

    If not Meyer, they are also targeting Ryan Day... That makes more sense since he has NFL experience.. But would he ever leave Ohio State???????? I wouldn't.
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    Playoff teams revealed

    You can whine and cry about some team you might hate for whatever reason, probably jealousy... but the reality is 6-0 OSU is with it.
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    SBnation article

    I distinctly remember not more than a year ago these same idiot Tenn, fans saying that Jeremy Pruitt would be Nick Saban successor. What delusions of grandeur they have. I never liked Pruitt from day one but have never crucified him so soundly and thoroughly. After the Schiano fiasco ( I don't...
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    Art Briles Is There For The Taking

    Tough as nails... Played alongside Mike Vrabel @Ohio State. Never lost a heavyweight wrestling match. Coached at OSU for something like 17 years under Jim Tressell and Urban Meyer. Yeah, he has the pedigree. Butch Jones is not even in the same boat as this guy.
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    Former Tennessee assistant set to join Butch Jones' Arkansas State staff

    So do I...... absolutely classless lowlife who bailed on his teams last 4 games... he's the type of guy who impresses me as one who would stick a knife in your back.

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