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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    Kids come to Tennessee to assess their value and go back and tell their school this is what it is going to take to seal the deal. Plain and simple. Right after the Nico deal we started getting an influx of interest and it was for a reason.
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    Why? It is a free market now. We started it with Nico. So is the NCAA going to come after us too?
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    ‘23 FL OT Francis Mauigoa

    Not when Schnellenburger was there. They would play anyone anywhere and anytime. Go back and look at their schedules. That is how he built that program.
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    ‘23 AL RB Jeremiah Cobb

    Kids loyalty in the state of Alabama is completely different than Tennessee. We do not see many Dale Jones in this era.
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    ‘23 AL DL Hunter Osborne

    Usually this means there is something they do not want me to see or realize before making a decision. It is a red flag every time.
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    Recruiting forum off topic thread (no politics, covid, or hot button issues)

    California people are buying Blount County out right now.
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    ‘23 GA LB Tyree Weathersby

    Line forms to the rear.
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    ‘23 AL ATH Tony Mitchell

    It is not him talking about the offers. It sounds like his Dad or some handler.
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    ‘23 MO EDGE Chandavian Bradley

    Soun Sounds like you are into coffee. Cool.
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    ‘23 GA OT Shamurad Umarov

    Camel Manufacturing still in business?
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    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    Do not listen to him. My negativity meter is high enough without his propaganda.
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    ‘23 AL ATH Tony Mitchell

    No it is not. It is human trafficking.
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    THE Ohio State

    The is a simple word for simple minded people. It fits them well.
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    ‘23 LA QB Arch Manning (Texas commit)

    Totally agree. They will out bid the rest of the conference for players. Bama’s game is over.
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    ‘23 KY S Cristian Conyer

    I guess I must have been trolling since 2008 then. We were very lucky to beat UK last year with our defense.

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