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    Karoline miked up

    I liked the eye contact with coaches and the “yes mam”.
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    Photos from yesterday's Lady Vol Camp

    Her last name is Darby, if that gives you a hint.
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    Kim Mulkey leaving Baylor, Announced as Head Coach for LSU

    Can a player who has signed a NLI enter the transfer portal?
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    How Many Turnovers are Acceptable

    Fewer than the opponents
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    Transfer Portal 20-21

    No to Balgoun and Dixon, they are cancers to team chemistry.
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    Arizona or Stanford (poll closed)

    9 week road trip!!!!! I am pulling for Stanford to win.
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    Geno-An Opportunistic Infection?

    I could see the frustration on UConns face and the pouting of Paige. AZ schooled them!
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    Aftermath of Lady Vols Loss to Michigan

    If players - past, present or future - rely on this board for expert analysis they and we are in trouble.
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    Game Thread: (21/21) Lady Vols vs. (2/3) South Carolina

    Andy just can’t stand it, searching for words to boost south cackilacky
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    Game Thread: (16/19) Lady Vols at (6/5) Texas A&M

    21 and icy. How about getting off the negatives and pray for their safety .
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    Game Thread: (25/RV) Lady Vols vs. (3/5) Connecticut

    The thing that worries me most is dirty play from Westbrook.
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    Sources Say: Marta Could be Much Better Than Expected

    Green will be just fine. There are enough post/forwards if the 4/5 positions get foul trouble.
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    New Uniforms

    If you are still doubting Marta’s skill, you haven’t been paying attention.
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    Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2021-22

    How many of those 17 were uuconn?
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    Lady vol workout

    At the end of clip, is that Jordan nearly skying enough to dunk?

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