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    This gave me chills

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    Vol Calls tonight!

    I probably won't be able to listen. I hope someone asks Coach about the contract tracing BS.
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    For insiders on the board, or someone who may know an insider.....

    Is Coach Pruitt or Coach Fulmer communicating "loud and clear" the concerns that we're at a competitive disadvantage because of Knox County's mandate on contact tracing? I'm very optimistic on the potential of this year's team, but not having the fellows at practice is a game changer.
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    Someone please explain

    Well, that's your opinion, and I certainly respect it. IMO, sjt18 is one of the more informed posters concerning the Kung Flu on this board. And, I enjoy reading them.
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    Someone please explain

    I hope you're being respectful, because he's (sjt18) so much more informed than most who post on this board. If respect or humor wasn't intended, then your response says all we need to know about you.
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    USC Jr contact tracing

    They're probably not being read to, too busy.........too many oak tress to poison, opposing fans to tea-bag, or former QB's to sucker-punch.
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    The fastest current/future Vols

    I'll bet there will be a "change-up package" for Holiday at QB at some point this season........
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    The fastest current/future Vols

    I ran a 5.0 and was very disappointed until I was informed that running in full pads, including the helmet, uphill against the crown of the football field, was not how most players got timed.
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    The fastest current/future Vols

    True, if you run a legit 4.7 or better, you're plenty fast.
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    The fastest current/future Vols

    Jalin's speed is Rocket Ismail type speed............never seen a person that fast on a football field.
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    Inaugural State of the Go Vols Room Address

    Great post, enjoyed reading it. Item "e" is my biggest concern. I hope we're not putting ourselves a competitive disadvantage with the way they're doing contact tracing.
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    9/11: Game week Tennessee-Florida 2001

    They have a 4 lane boulevard that goes right through the middle of campus and by the stadium. There's a large grass median in between the four lanes that is packed with tailgaters. They even tailgate right outside the stadium. It's one huge, hell raising party. I know you're not supposed to...
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    9/11: Game week Tennessee-Florida 2001

    My wife and I were at that game as the LSU section in the lower level around the 30 yard line. When the Tigers went up early, the LSU fans were literally jumping all over us. LSU has always been my 2nd favorite team. Goes back to the Bert Jones, Tommy Casanova, and the...
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    Season ticket holders- check email for tix—

    I rolled my tickets and donation over as well, but not because of the pandemic. A huge part of my enjoyment of Tennessee Football is the pageantry. No Vol Walk, Band Playing to the Hill, team Running Through the T, etc. and limited capacity is why we're not going this season. Not to mention...
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    Trey Smith makes ESPN’s preseason All-America team

    Yes, I hope it's not my orange-colored glasses, but I think it's a talented football team as well. We should be somebody's "dark horse" for the SEC East and conference champion.

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