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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Gray is going to be special.
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    '19 CA QB JT Daniels (Georgia commit)

    We also can’t get to where we want to be just hoping our guy isn’t a liability. Here’s hoping the competition in the qb room either makes him better or someone emerges who can be a playmaker.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Says we aren’t distancing, kids are still in school, and we have no shelter in place mandates. Also, these models are the worst case scenarios. They have better case scenarios but won’t share those. Fear drives clicks and clicks equals $
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    This looks like it takes too long to get there.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    The death rate percentage is falsely inflated due to this as well. People who have minor symptoms and are never tested won’t be counted in the reported figures.
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    '20 SC WR Jalin Hyatt (UT SIGNEE)

    Wasn’t throwing beer bottles his weakness?
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    Probably loves Tennessee. All he has to do is troll our fanbase a little and Vol Twitter gives him all the clicks or replies he needs.
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    '20 GA WR Ricky White (Michigan State Commit)

    Does his coach leaving not factor in to this at all?
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    12th in points per game his final year and 3rd in points per game last year without him. Yards per game were tied for 3rd in 2018 and 2019. Jameis is gonna chuck it regardless of who is there. Gets his yards but also get the int’s. Team scored last year after change in OC. I’m just saying that...
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Thinking that “grand slam” might be through red tinted glasses
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    '20 TX RB Zachary Evans

    Conference USA success doesn’t automatically mean SEC success. His offenses at Tampa avg 10th in yds/gm and 16th in pts/gm, not exactly tops in the nfl but not bad either. Offense in Cleveland was 22nd in both metrics. Think it might be a reach to say grand slam hire. His offenses at OK State...
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    Recruiting Forum Off Topic Thread III

    Funny story. I was at UT basketball camp in ‘99 and we stayed in one of the dorms. No AC, just got in the rooms and we had to open the windows bc of heat. Teammate literally walks up the wall trying to pull the cord to pull up the metal blinds. I walk over to look and they fell and hit me rt on...
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    '20 GA QB Harrison Bailey (UT SIGNEE)

    Eiffel tower not being centered bothers me most.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk II

    My son and I made a light saber in October. Pretty cool experience.
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    EE's for the Spring Semester

    I guess I should have asked if any of the newly added recruits will be EE besides the ones already listed. Thanks though

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