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    Hearing N865UT spotted a looong way from home

    I just shat myself!
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    '17 AU WDE Big Kat Bryant

    Boom! Unexpected, but very nice.
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    '17 NC QB Hendon Hooker (Vol transfer)

    He gonna opt out without playing?
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    '21 AL WDE Dylan Brooks

    Boom! Party time!
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    Vols out of Liberty Bowl due to Covid

    Army ain’t so bad...
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    '21 CA ILB Justin Rice (Ark St Transfer)

    He probably recognizes he won’t develop any further under Arkansas State’s new coach.
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    '21 AL WDE Dylan Brooks

    Let’s be like Auburn. Whatever it takes...
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    '21 AL WR Roc Taylor (Tennessee commit)

    And QBs, DL, Kickers, Coaches...
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    '21 NC ATH Kaemen Marley (Tennessee signee)

    Boom! Let’s ride!
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    '21 NJ DT Tywone Malone

    Bump because I get to use this gif in this thread again.

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