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    During Fulmer's interview that dude got hit!

    Yes that hit reminded me of someone to. I think his name was Al Wilson!!! GBO
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    Pick'em - Morehead St and Kentucky, 4 games

    Sweep Double up GBO!!!!!
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    Pick'em - Georgia 4/11-4/13

    1-2 Double up
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    I Lost Her

    So sorry for your lost and prayers for you and your family.🙏🙏🙏
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    Pick'em Belmont 4/2

    Cover Double
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    Pick'em - Vanderbilt

    1-2 Double up
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    Pick'em ETSU, Part Deux

    Win Double
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    Pick'em ETSU 3/19

    Win Double up
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    Controversial Referee Suspended

    REPORT: Controversial referee from Tennessee-LSU game has been suspended by SEC — Rocky Top Talk
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    Chiefs Release Eric Berry

    Two great players!!
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    Pick'em - Auburn

    2-1 Double Up
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    *****Breaking: 2020 5-star F Corey Walker Commits to Tennessee!!!

    Corey Walker commits to Tennessee

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