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    Pruitt making BOLD predictions

    He said in a few years we can beat anybody. That doesn’t mean we will beat everyone but that we will be capable of beating anyone. I believe he can do it!!!
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    Pick'em - Chapel Hill Regional - Liberty

    Win double Under double
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    For those who never saw Greg Amsler play...enjoy!

    He could dominate the game.
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    For those who never saw Greg Amsler play...enjoy!

    He was one of the best fullbacks ever at Tennessee. I don’t think he was one of Johnny Majors favorite players though!! It always seemed like when game was on the line Coach Majors had him in the game!!!
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    PIck'em - OLE MISS, Let's win 2!

    Sweep Double up
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    Tennessee vs Ole Miss Game 1 Thread - 7pm

    Can you keep me updated?
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    Pick'em - Tenn Tech 5/14

    Not cover Double up
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    Pick'em - Florida 5/10-5/12

    2-1 Double up
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    Pick'em Austin Peay 5/7

    Cover Double up
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    Pick'em Missouri 5/3-5/5

    Sweep Double up
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    Pick'em - Arkansas 4/26-4/28

    1-2 Double up
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    Pick'em - Gardner Webb 4/23

    Not cover
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    During Fulmer's interview that dude got hit!

    Yes that hit reminded me of someone to. I think his name was Al Wilson!!! GBO
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    Pick'em - Morehead St and Kentucky, 4 games

    Sweep Double up GBO!!!!!

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